Looking to Partner Up June 10, 2020

Ex-Google domain expert looking for fullstack engineer to join B2B HR-tech company as a tech co-founder.

Trista Taylor @tristat

I recently left Google after building their team effectiveness programs and services, to found Regroup.co, a technology company focused on helping organizations develop more effective teams. We currently do this through a 360-degree team assessment, insights and recommendations, and self-service team activity guides. We are piloting our beta program with teams at prominent companies right now, and we're ready to build our initial MVP.

I'm looking for a fullstack engineer (with front-end skills), to join me as a technical cofounder. Let's make all teams a great place to work!

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    Hi @tristat!

    I really like the idea and the topic is very relatable to me. I've been a full-stack engineer for about 8 years before I became an Engineering Manager. While I was managing engineers, I got involved in so many organizational and people development projects that I ended up moving to HR to lead the People Programs team (my team and I worked end-to-end in projects like creating the competency matrix & career ladder, revamping the evaluation system, technical and leadership training programs, etc).

    Although I'm working with People Programs and getting to know the reality of working in HR, I still keep my engineering skills up to date working on side projects and running a developer community (Women Who Code) on my free time.

    I'd love to hear more about your plans for Regroup and possibly get involved if you think we can be a good team :)

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    Hi Trista,
    I am Fullstack developer with PHP(Laravel), javascript experience. Let me know if you use this technology

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    @tristat Hi Trista, sound like a great idea. Would love to chat about this!

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    I think it would be important for potential co-founders to know your stack / technologies.

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      She might not have decided, and is waiting for a technical person to build it. Hence, the 'co-founder' status.

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    Hi Trista, I am full stack engineer and I have built tools similar to what you're describing for my team in the banking space.

    If still looking please reach out to establish fit. [[email protected]]

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    Awesome field of activity! I believe that there is great market potential for this. Would definitely be very interested to learn more in detail about it.
    In the last years I have been working intensively with full-stack JavaScript applications and have accompanied 3 high-tech start-ups in the role of Co-Founder/CTO. Let me know if it makes sense to talk.

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    Wish I could join! If you need marketing lmk :-)
    Best of luck, sounds like a great project.

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    Hi Trista, great idea, team effectiveness is a big problem on a lot of teams I’ve worked on. Does anyone on the team handle the enterprise sales part? Who are your current customers?

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    Very interesting.

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    Hi @tristat. I would be interested to chat about this