Example data - One of the best user onboarding practices

When people sign-up for your product, they are still evaluating if it's a solution they would pay for.

Signed-up doesn't mean sold.

Example data, make it 10x easier for your users to understand how your product works.

It allows them to play around with your product at the speed of a click, without requiring any manual work. This way they can observe how it works, how it feels and decide if they want to dig deeper. To learn more about its features, add their own data and eventually buy it as well!

Here is a real-life example from Marvel, a very popular prototyping tool.

Example data in Marvel app

What do you think?

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  1. 1

    Totally agree.

    Also, multiple example data sets depending on target customer - esp. at first.

    Build something simple, show some benefit.

    Do 1-2 more complex examples (could be hidden behind a signup wall) - great for direct customer discovery calls/demos

    Think: How can I make this thing super easy to put benefits into the user hands?

    1. 1

      Great idea regarding the multiple example data sets - this way you can provide an even more personalized experience!

      Milanote does it in a great way and covers all the use cases with templates, feel free to check it out. http://milanote.com

      Regarding your food for thought part I didn't get it to be honest - what do you mean by making it super easy? What's the main thing that is blocking you?

      1. 1

        What's blocking me: time (but that's all relative :D)

        I just mean whatever your product/service is, the faster you can show a prospect/lead/customer value, the better your chances of retaining them.

        If you use that thought experiment, you more easily get into the mind of your audience/customer. And once in that mindset, you more easily identify what part of your product/service to tweak.

        This website is a perfect example. I came here out of curiosity. Saw a few benefits and signed up immediately. I don't typically do that... If there was a sign-up prompt (ex: to view "our exclusive content" like some sites do it) I would have been outer here!

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