Productized Services February 27, 2020

Examples of productised software development

James @mcfdn

Does anyone have any examples of productised software development services? Lots of industries make great candidates for productised services; do you think software development is one of these?

How is maintenance and upgrades handled in terms of pricing?


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    I checked this too. I found it's only possible if you have a bunch of devs from India or some countries like that - you can pay them less and still make a profit. Else it's hardly possible. And, to be honest, it's not ethical. I saw productized services related to design and always feel guilty for founders.

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    There are many agencies providing ongoing maintenance for a monthly fee. Whether or not a limited amount of product development is included would most likely depend on the individual contracts.

    Most companies do not need nor have the monetary resources to invest in a website which has it all from the beginning, and hence try to spread this investment over a longer period.