Explain your startup/side-project in 10 words or less! (+sponsorship giveaway)

What's new, Indie Hackers? Tell us about your latest project in 10 words or less! This month, add both a link and your MRR (inspired by @DavisBaer's tweet yesterday).

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    Versoly: Easiest way to build a SaaS landing page that converts

    I won last time so if I happen to come first again :), the next person can have the prize.

  2. 2

    https://quantati.com scrape ecommerce pages data automatically.

  3. 2


    -Colors and fonts for digital designers and web developers.

    • 30€ MRR .........

    Have a good day !

    1. 1

      Needs to be 10 words or under :)

      1. 1

        Now should be 10, my apologies. !

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    https://polished.app : A configurable writing app for all stages of writing (MRR $0 - prelaunch)

    1. 1

      I'm about to launch in a similar space. Looks like we share a similar passion. I love your configurability and obvious focus on UX. Hope it all goes well for you.

      1. 1

        Thank you! I presume you're talking about https://stormjournal.com/ ? That's a pretty cool concept. It's crazy how we have such similar ideas. Even before looking at your site I had a plan to ship a feature that allowed you to pin iframes so you don't have to switch tabs to look at your research.

        Hope everything goes well for you as well. If you ever want to swap notes or ideas feel free to reach out!

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    Send Simple Quotes to your Freelance Clients.

  6. 2

    travelbro.io: Discover Amazing Travel Destinations, Research and Prepare Your Trips

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    #1 Simplest, most powerful gym workout tracker/scheduler.

    ps. release date 31st august

    1. 1

      Simple and powerful feel like the contradict each other

      1. 1

        Well - most products in the same field do contradict each other. I've developed this with Powerful features and functionality behind simple usability and user interface.

        1. 2

          maybe the wording, something like simple yet powerful would work better?

          1. 1

            My bad! My mistake on my wording. What you said is my exact wording on the website. You hit the nail on the head! Did you get a look?

            1. 2

              Products looks good, I purchased StrongLifts it’s similar to yours but just for the Strong Lifts workout routine. There app is super easy to use and love it you should check it out

              1. 2

                I used StrongLifts for around 5 weeks as part of my research phase. Good app. But TrackMyLift will do it better :D Cheers!

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    Discover the best micro-startups for sale. Microns.io

    Would love any feedback.

  9. 1

    CSS Grab n' go editor — Visual editor for learning and quick CSS mocking

  10. 1

    https://www.guidery.com Learn a new skill, the best way possible, every time. (MRR $0)

  11. 1

    https://t.me/startupsi: ideas for side projects, startups

  12. 1

    patefate.com - free, customizable status pages & incident monitoring

  13. 1

    Search and organize your entire browsing history


  14. 1


    WhatsApp customer support + marketing for Shopify stores (MRR $2000)

  15. 1

    https://www.yourtempo.co/ - the email client that helps you focus

  16. 1

    Privasim.com : The Privacy Awareness that gets People to use Dapps.

  17. 1

    https://wpnoise.com - WordPress Managed Hosting & Care For Everyone

  18. 1

    Super Unicorn - Give free rides to get free rides.

  19. 1


    Simple tools to become a marketing hero. MRR $845

  20. 1

    Audiobrother: Online marketplace to rent your audio equipment

  21. 1


    Visual Session Replay tool for mobile [FullStory for mobile]

  22. 1

    https://www.mailern.com Mailern: Learn every day with a customized learning path.

  23. 1


    Build customer relationships at scale through text. (MRR $240)

  24. 1

    ExportData.io - Export Twitter data for your business needs.

    We just launched Beta a month ago and did ~120$ in sales. Currently we offer pay as you go service instead of RR model.

  25. 1

    DruRiley.com: Growth marketing strategies for B2B SaaS Founders

  26. 1

    critimon.com: crash and error reporting for every developer

  27. 1

    Cool! Love the idea!

    getmylistings.com: Single property listing websites by real estate agents, simplified.

  28. 1

    notyfy.co: Browser extension that aggregates your web notifications in one place.

  29. 1

    Formito: Chatbot Builder for your Website

  30. 1

    followgithub.org: Follow GitHub organizations and receive notifications in the main feed

  31. 1

    Variable price crowdfunding. Higher success rates, better marketing.

  32. 1

    https://danger.world: a collaborative storytelling game

  33. 1

    tripvector.io Effortlessly design your travels with a visual itinerary planner.

  34. 1

    https://eondesk.com : Fast and intuitive customer self service.

  35. 1

    Job Description Review: Tune up your developer job descriptions. Attract the right candidates.

    Goose egg MRR.

  36. 1

    The Sales for Founders course: Learn exactly enough sales to get to $10k MRR 🤑

    (no real monthly revenue because enrollment isn't always open, but averages out to about $8k/month)

  37. 1

    Premium Poker Tools: Software to help you study poker

    MRR: $15

  38. 1

    Mini Facebook Messenger CRM


    $9.99 MRR (Prelaunch)

  39. 1

    Group Leads : Convert New Facebook Group Members into Leads & Sales.


    $300 MRR

  40. 1

    goshare - Turning customers into influencers (MRR 0)


  41. 1

    Freelancer's best friend.


    $500 MRR

  42. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

    1. 1

      That sounds really interesting. How do I learn more?

      1. 2

        This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

        1. 1

          Hey I wanted to thank you for the follow. There was no other way to contact you. Im offering al my followers an invite to a Maker MArketing slack group thought you might be interested. Hope to see you over there, we're about 170 makers and marketers trying to figure it out.
          Heres the invite: https://bit.ly/2Mq0D6Q

        2. 1

          Excited to see what you come up with!

  43. 4

    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

    1. 3

      What might be cool next time is get others to come up with the 10 words for other people, and the most upvoted comment (or total upvotes) wins.

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