Looking to Partner Up February 19, 2020

Exploring a third co-founder for Taskable

Matt Johnson @mattcrail

Hi everyone 👋
We are currently a team of two working on Taskable (taskablehq.com). We are just releasing our MVP, and we've generated a bit of interest with about 270 pre-registrations. We began kicking around the idea in November and started writing code around Christmas.

Who we'd like to bring in: Another full-stack, a front end developer, or strong designer with html/css skills.

More about us:
This is currently a side project that we'd like to make full time. We want to move quicker and/or add to our existing skills, so we've have been kicking around the idea of bringing on a third.

Our product vision:
Taskable is a lightning-fast personal productivity wizard that brings all your communications and collaboration apps together so you always know what to do next

The team:
Tom is a full-stack, .net developer and is based in Warsaw. Matt (me) has experience in growth/marketing/ops, and is based in London currently (soon Northern California).

Get in touch here or send me an email if you might be interested 😃 [email protected]

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    Really cool idea!

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    Sent you a message

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    YES! I looked at it and it looks great :)

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    lets catch up if you come to SF.

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      Sounds good. Won't be until the summer though.

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    270 pre-registrations
    in what time frame did you generate those? and via which channels, via ads or forum posts?

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      Good question. It's been a combination of Ship, Betalist, and then posting around forums and social media. Started promoting it in December, but haven't spent a ton of time focusing on this yet as our main priority was getting a big enough pool of people to talk, and a bit of validation 😃