April 29, 2019

Extra Crunch


Does anyone here subscribe to Extra Crunch: https://techcrunch.com/extracrunch/?

What does it cost and is the content worth it?

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    I subscribed to it to read a specific article. So far the content on it seems to be higher quality than the rest of the site and more targeted to founders (e.g. how to pitch your startup). But I already have so much to read I'm not sure I'll continue my subscription.

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    If you subscribe to Apple News+, Extra Crunch is included in the subscription. Though you have to dig a bit to find it.

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    Didn't hear about it until now.

    Techcrunch and paid content, huh! Looks like TC (or its parent company) finally felt the need to monetize far greater than what they make from ads, events and sponsorships. :)

    What does it cost
    $15/mo or $150/yr according to https://techcrunch.com/subscribe

    and is the content worth it?
    Maybe for audience needing such content.

    I already have a time crunch. No thanks to extra crunch. ;-)

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    Hadn't heard of it before.