April 6, 2019

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I'm thinking about creating a blog about my experience starting off as a founder. I came to San Francisco broke, and want to share how I progress meeting investors, potential cofounders but I'm debating on the name and i'm debating if i should do this anonymously or public

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    Reddit Entrepreneur Ride aLong would appreciate this as well. Also, you can put it in the Startup subreddit.

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      Hi Steve, Thanks for the feedback, I was unaware of Entrepreneur Ride along. I just took a look at it, it seems interesting for sure.

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    If your writing is "good", then the blog works well as a CV and credibility builder when folks are researching you (e.g. before a meeting or when you propose something to them). If your writing is "bad", then it works in reverse.

    The definitions of "good" and "bad" above are subjective in the eyes of the reader, hence the airquotes. It's largely about whether a stranger reading it comes to believe you are more credible (and worth working with) or less credible.

    If you want it to be more of a bridge-burning-tell-all ranting platform and/or journal, then anonymous is probably better, at least at first, since you still retain the option of "claiming" the pseudonym later and linking it with your real identity (as Patrick McKenzie eventually did with patio11).

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      That's actually a great idea. the purpose of posting anonymously is to be completely honest about my #fails and #wins. Doing so would leave me vulnerable -which can be a very detrimental thing with social media (comments). I like that Idea of claiming it later, i didn't think that was possible with forums like medium.

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        If you're using medium, just don't link it to your other social media accounts, and use a pseudonym as your display name. You can then update the name and link the accounts if you ever want to make it officially "yours".

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    1. Go for it. If it scratches your itch, do it.
    2. Do it publicly with your own name. A story from a real face and real person is a lot more valuable to many people.
    3. Many, many blogs exist that already do this. Describing the "journey". This is not a bad thing, just means there are readers out there. But finding a slight niche might set you apart from the masses, if you care for that type of thing.
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      Thanks Tim! I appreciate the support and advice!

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      Love the support Rosie!

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    Go for it. I'd read it. Don't feel like you have to do it under your name if it doesn't feel right.

    If you start off with a more anonymous blog name, you might feel more comfortable testing ideas and using the blog to develop your writing style, without feeling like you're under scrutiny.

    You can always republish your content on another site under your own name at a later date.

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      This is exactly what I plan to do based on everyone's responses. Thanks for taking your time out to show your support!

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