Facebook Ads are awesome for B2C (B2B?)

I have just pivoted from crypto to Parent Teacher Associations (odd but true - check out https://cryptostar.money and https://supportmyschool.co.uk). I have just discovered Facebook Ads. A simple trial shows that the cost per click is only 10% of what I am paying Google for the same audience. If like me you were not familiar with Facebook Ads it is worth checking them out.

Has anyone used them for B2B?

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    There is a big difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads: with the first you are going after visitors with intent, with the second you are going after people completely unaware.

    It's true that CPC is generally lower using Facebook Ads, but conversion rate will probably also be much lower.

    At the end of the day the only KPI that really matters is ROAS: how much do you have to spend to make a sale? Only extensive testing will give you an answer 😀

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      I would second this. You can get a million clicks, but if they're not targeted they won't do anything for you: whether for branding or for eventual revenue (signups, purchases, etc).

      We've found that FB ads are technically very cheap per engagement, but except for a very few niches, they convert very poorly and usually don't have the same ROI as the equivalent Google Ads spend.

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        Thank you both for the feedback.

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    If anyone has experience of marketing to small businesses using Facebook, please share your insights. I am looking into using different ad platforms to target small/micro business owners for my SaaS solution AXSAR Solo.

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      Isolate your demographic, in your case looks like certAin types of small business, choose those as job title category and an interest in small business might work.

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      I've done tons of FB ads. It's really a powerful tool if you using it correctly. Their AI for targeting is 10x better than Google or any other platform for that manner.

      The thing is about Facebook Ads is that it takes some time and patience to get the ball rolling, also you need to work on your ad copy and writing skills.

      I have used FB ads for my marketplace with 8x ROAS and Dropshipping with 3x ROAS. there are some limitations to it, especially if your target audience is small (i.e less than 2 million).

      I think your product can work on Facebook if you target sales reps, sales managers, business owners etc.

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        Thanks @kayz0r for the insights, and suggestions!

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        Mohammed, 8x ROAS is phenomenal. Congrats. You got that for Dupaws.com?

        You say FB ads take some time and patience. I recently decided to do FB advertising, and most of the contractors that I spoke with said ~$1500/mo for 2-3 months to really dial it in. My market is job seekers, which is pretty huge.

        Any thoughts on $1500/mo for 3 months? Does sound like it's in the right ballpark?

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          I don't do Facebook ads, but we usually tell people who are testing Google Ads to do a minimum of $1000 for 2-3 months. And that's on the low side. So $1500 for 3 months sounds about right to me. Otherwise you get caught in seasonality or just natural variation and it's hard to judge on a shorter timeline.

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          Thanks buddy, yes the 8x ROAS was for Dupaws.com (unfortunately after reaching this for a few days, facebook stopped showing my ads as the target audience was very narrow). Then I stopped using FB ads for Dupaws and focused more on organic traffic (which already is doing 2.5K MRR).

          To answer your question, I am not really into hiring advertising agents/consultants to do the advertising for me (just like I hate to bring a company to build an MVP or platform). They will screw you up big time and they have nothing to lose.

          You dont have to pay 1500 USD monthly for sure! You can test if FB is good for your product with 200 USD to 500 USD (depending on the target audience and your ad copy), then decide to continue or stop. What those guys are trying to do is to suck some money from you as thats the only source of income for them.

          Cheers and good luck.

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            Thanks for your input here Mohammed.

            I'm still going to proceed with this agency. I do take your point though, and I'll report back how it goes.

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    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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      It is too early to say. The first step on my sales journey is to download my lead magnet PDF. My Google numbers are 1000 impressions -> 100 clicks -> 10 conversions. Give or take a bit. Over the period of 1 week I tweaked my ad and landing page and halved my CPC costs but my quality scores are still low (3-5) so there is probably more cost I can take out.

      Facebook ad clicks cost 5x less than Googles but I have only run for 12 hours. I will update this thread when trends become clear. Even if Facebook has a lower conversion it is still delivering brand awareness which is very important in my market.

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        This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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          Actually I do have enough data to draw the conclusion about both brand exposure and CTR. It is clear that for my business Facebook is creating greater exposure (reads), clicks and engagement at 5x lower cost. The "engagement" thing was new to me because I have never actually used Facebook but people can "like" my stuff and this provides valuable information.

          You are correct that I don't have enough data to determine cost of acquisition. I now understand that Google clicks have "intent to purchase" whereas Facebook clicks are more likely to have "curiosity about what this thing is". Therefore I expect to need a lot more clicks to get a conversion and different landing pages. What is very interesting about the Facebook technology is that some users message me directly. So I can actually find out what they want! I like your "explore and exploit" comment and I will certainly do more of that. I have pretty much optimised by Google PPC but Facebook is a much richer platform and I still have a lot of work to do.

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