Failory's February: 71,781 Page Views, 4,338 Email Subscribers and $755.12

Hey Indie Hackers! It's Rich, the founder Failory where I weekly publish startup-related content.

I started the site one year and a half ago and in December of 2017, I turned the site into an open startup. This means that I am openly sharing the metrics and analytics of the website. One of the things I do is to write monthly reports detailing what I worked in and the results.

After 11 days of being busy, I have finally had some time to write February's monthly report and, as I am really happy with this month's stats and how the article came out, I thought it was a cool idea to share it ;)

I know you are busy people so I've also written a summary of this +3,000-words article, which you can find here. But if you have some time, I recommend you to check out the entire article below!!

What do you think about the actual monetization strategy I have?


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    Thanks for sharing so much details. I really enjoy following your story.

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    Great write up. Regarding your pricing: I think its low. Correct me if I am wrong. You charge $60 for an ad to 5k newsletter subscribers?

    1. 1

      That's correct. The estimated clicks are 40-60. How much do you think I should charge? I want to provide some ROI to the advertisers!!

      1. 1

        Do you know what potential advertisers are paying per click on FB or other less targeted digital advertising?

        The return of their investment is impressions as well. I estimated some CPM and CPC rates.

        5,000 impressions @ $50 cpm = $250
        50 Clicks @ $2.50 /click = $125

        You can charge $375 and not feel bad at all.

        You're giving them a great value. As you grow you give more and more value.

        For each sponsorship you sell at that rate.... you can pay someone a full-time wage to research and email 100 potential sponsors a week. Which should get you at least 1 sale per week.

        1. 1

          Thanks a lot for this. It sounds cool. I was told many times to increase the prices but I'm usually scared by the fact that the advertiser doesn't see a return in the investment.

          As for hiring someone to research, do you know anyone? Is there any place you would recommend me to look in (Upwork maybe?)?

          1. 1

            Upwork (yeah sure or fiverr)
            also FB groups of digital nomads is a good place to find good ppl.

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