April 5, 2019

Favorite non-wordpress template sites

Chris Moffitt @cmoffitt

Are there any favorite sites for clean, responsive HTML templates that are not tailored for Wordpress? I'm curious if anyone has recommendations, paid or free for commercial use.


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    I recently purchased a template from Bootstrap Themes and I'm really happy with it. Lots of great feedback; zero affiliation with them.

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      I have looked at those but was not sure if I could use the ~$40-50 license or had to pay more because it was a commercial site. I do agree that they looked pretty nice.

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        I looked at the license again and think I can use the less expensive options. I might go that route.

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    I always buy stuff off ThemeForest because I literally can't be bothered to do my own markup and CSS from scratch 😂 They have WP themes too, of course. The HTML-only themes tend to be around $20, vs around $50 for a WP one.

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      Thanks. I'll check them out!

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