May 24, 2019

Feedback: All-In-One Community Management


Hi all,

Note: This is obviously a work in progress, I just really need to get it in front of folks.

I'm looking for some feedback on something I've been working on in my spare time. It's an "all in one" community management system which includes:

  1. Discourse-inspired forum
  2. Medium-like articles & commenting (still need to plug in a decent text editor, this is the biggest work in progress section)
  3. Newsfeed (will be used for notifying of new articles, topics, etc. from followed users)
  4. Admin accounts can (among other things) pin topics, feature articles, & moderate content.

Any feedback would be much appreciated, but I'm specifically looking for whether or not anyone out there would have use for something like this. This originally started as a fun side project to combine a bunch of stuff I'd built for other projects, but I'm starting to think it may be worth pursuing as an actual product. posts

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    If you take a step back, what is the problem you're trying to solve? Why would a customer use an "all in one" community management system versus Discourse and Medium separately? Is it time savings, better feature set, better usability?

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      Time savings & the feature set (at least as far as centralizing all your content management & moderation goes). I'm a part of several communities myself and there are a few places they congregate (Standalone websites like IH, Discourse, Youtube channels & livestreams, blogging sites (Medium included), other forum platforms like ProBoards, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

      Each of the platforms offers a different experience and offers different benefits to the community owner (Discourse is great for fostering communication, but doesn't offer all that much for monetizing content like Medium, for example). Setting up accounts with several community "tools" is probably the best answer, but I'd like to save those folks some time & $$ and put it all under one roof.