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Feedback and anxiety

Eivind @Eivindhaa

So you've been working on building your app idea for months. Eventually you're about to post the MVP in some communities to get necessary feedback. You feel kind of scared. Why? You feel like it's a part of your soul. Feedback is not just a validation of the app, but you as well. Does some of you have experienced the same anxiety with first time validation for your idea?

If so, any advice on how to remove or decries this irrational feeling when asking for feedback?

Let's say you've walked the talk. If you could do this walk again, what would you do differently?

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    I would avoid doing something I did earlier, which is posting on a big community I was not part of to ask for feedback. While sometimes this has worked well, sometimes people were brutal and hostile in non constructive ways for no reason, and once this is the first tone, other comments follow from there or dont follow at all because the vibe is killed. Not only it didnt help my mood, but the feedback was useless too.

    My other approach that has worked quite well is to setup a mail list and send the MVP to a group, ask for feedback, fix a thing, send to another group, etc. in a more iterative way.

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      Hi, @etiene. Thanks for your advice. I'll definitely follow your approach here.

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    Maybe a change of mindset would work? Your MVP is still a work-in-progress so of course things have to change. I'd also try to get feedback on the idea earlier so that you are more comfortable having a conversation about your product.

    Pay attention to the feedback that you get. It should be specific so that you can do something with it. Vague statements (e.g., I don't like it, colors are off) don't tell you much. If comments are vague, probe further.

    Potentially before asking for feedback have a critical look at your MVP and decide what aspects are core to it, which aspects you are happy with and what needs to be changed (improved or removed).

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    Every time when you ask for feedback you will feel shame, fear, and pain, especially if you are an introvert and not used to exposing your work and yourself (like I'm).

    Rephrasing one wise man, "Pain is almost mandatory part of this journey. But suffering is not." Try not to suffer but if you feel it's too overwhelming it may not be for you.

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      Hi @SeaCat. Nice to know it's not just me who experience this. I do think I will overcome the fear and reduce suffering. Thanks for the advice.

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    Hi there. Send me your project and I will give you a feedback in private.

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      Hi @q0d. Here is a link to my project. Please keep in mind that I've mostly focused on the app, not the landing page. Hopefully, you'll get an idea of the concept anyway.

      Thanks again.

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      Hi q0d! Awesome thanks, I'll definitely do that. Thanks for helping me out. I'll post you tomorrow when my app is ready for a review.

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    Hi Eivind.

    In my case the solution for that problem is to not work alone.
    In fact we are a team of 2, whit Martin that is the expert programmer and me that help with something of programming and do other stuff.

    Both us participates of all decisions.
    And this year, we found a person that helped out with the design thinking, you find incredible people there that want to be part of your process.

    But if you prefer to work alone in the project I recommend to ask people you do not know about what they think about your idea.

    I did it, and it was useful too.
    I just contacted random people from Twitter and many of them gave me feedback.

    Hope it helps.


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      Thanks, Ricardo. Really appreciate the insight here. I'll definitely look into some partnership further down the road.

      For now, I'll do as you've done; ask different people who might be potential future customers.

      Thanks again.


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