Landing Page Feedback May 29, 2019

Feedback for a Wordpress Maintenance & Management Service

Mehdi Benchalal @MehdiBmm

Hey there!

I've launched WPNoise just today, a Wordpress Maintenance & Management Service for busy people running Wordpress businesses. There's actually only one package but it has a lot of value.

I would like to hear some feedback on the landing page and website, would be great to help me a little bit with a advice.

Tell what you think, what's missing, do you feel like taking action?

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    Congrats on the launch! Great to see other businesses launch. A few points of feedback:

    1. You seem to have the TripAdvisor logo on your home page above the title. Not sure what that's doing there.
    2. I'd add more content to the home page. An FAQ section at least.
    3. The pricing is too high. Some of the bigger names in the business offer more for less so I would revise your pricing.

    Good luck with the business!

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      Thanks for the feedback!

      1. I am going to replace it, I did put it on purpose to highlight "Watching over your Wordpress properties"..
      2. Absolutely, I am going to add a FAQ.
      3. I did put a higher price compared to competitors because of extra features that they don't offer (like monthly backlinks and user experience reports). I will try to test with this price and see if it doesn't convert, I'll lower it.
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        In my opinion, people will come to your service because they need WordPress maintenance. The backlinks/user experience features are in a different category so I don't think people will be interested in it.

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          You're right, I thought that would be awesome as an addon perk or a bonus.

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      Ah! I knew that logo was familiar from somewhere. You pretty much took the words out of my mouth 👏

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    I made some changes now to the plan as it has web-hosting included and I also added a FAQ. Please tell me what you think.

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    Cheers! Welcome to our merry band.

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      Thank you! Did you visit the website? What are your thoughts?

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    Are you kidding me?

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      Why does it look like that expensive? We offer a lot of perks that our competition doesn't offer for just an extra 27$.