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Let me know what you think about mine and share your URL; I'll get back ASAP.


I've been building Keys to give users an edge on dating websites by improving their communication abilities. I would love some feedback anywhere you seem fit, website, app content, new ideas, etc.!

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    Never seen any idea like that, so good luck with your app!
    One of the thoughts that has popped up in my mind is that the problem which you are solving is actually a great pain for many guys, it's quite emotional and can immediately raise a feeling like "I want it to never happen again!".
    What do you think about turning up the heat on this specific pain first? And then to propose something like "... aaaand you will never feel this pain again with this app".
    And could be a nice idea to conduct a couple of UX interviews with your potential segment, did you have a chance to conduct some?

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      Appreciate your insight! Will definitely push for more interviews to address that pain you mentioned.

      Let me know if you would like an early-access beta code!

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        I'm engaged, but thank you for your proposal :)
        By the way do you conduct interviews by yourself or use some freelancing researchers for that?

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          At the moment, we are only conducting interviews by ourselves. Do you have any insights on how to benefit from using freelancing researchers?

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            Honestly, I hate doing interviews :) it takes time to find a respondent who is ready to talk with you, sometimes you have to persuade them to give you some time, then you need to ask him proper questions without pushing for answers that you want to hear, etc. So I would rather prefer to ask someone to help with that who is really specialized on Steve Blank's "Customer Development".

            I've recently seen an IH marketplace to find a special researcher for these purposes https://ceed.bubbleapps.io/. Do you by any chance know any other solutions that may be useful?

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    Interesting concept. I'm not sure what the product does? Is this a downloadable keyboard that recommends sentences for a user to write in dating apps?

    It's an interesting idea. One thing that through me off is that the image shows groups of individual words such as "dog". If the user clicks that, does that create a sentence about a dog? That wasn't obvious from the picture.

    KeysKbr, would love your feedback on my site too: https://www.interruptionbuster.com/.

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      Thanks for your feedback! Keys is a keyboard downloadable from the App Store that comes loaded with curated phrases for users to directly use or customize to their liking on any (dating) app they choose. Let me know if you would like to try it out!

      Interruption Buster seems really neat! Definitely would be ideal in today's work-from-home world. One thing that is unclear to me is responding to flagged messages; can you respond in the color flag channel and does it automatically send the message to the right recipient, or do you have to still type the message in the recipient's channel, not the flag channel? Also, I think it would be cool if you offered a free trial of some sorts, I would personally like to try it out before committing to paying as I am only a mild slack user.

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        Hi @KeysKbr, thanks for the helpful comments.

        Your description of Keys in the comment was clear. I recommend adding that language to your landing page.

        Regarding Interruption Buster, I plan to offer a free trial when the product becomes available. Thanks for your interest.

        You asked if you can respond in the color flag channel and if the product automatically sends it to the right person in the right channel. The current design of the product is that each message in the color flag channel contains a link to the original message in the original channel. So you go to the color flag channel, click that link, and respond in the original channel. Then it automatically prompts you to remove the flag.

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    Looks interesting, who hasn't messed up with the wrong text...
    Maybe I would change the dog picture for something more Tinder-ish, so you don't have to look twice to get the concept.

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    I understood what the product is about from the text, but the picture confused me.

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      Appreciate your feedback

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