Feedback for feedback! Test out our landing page🚗 Will try your product definitely!

Hi there, everyone!

My friends and I started working on a travel inspiration platform we called Loopit (https://loopit.dev/). Basically, it all started with us being too lazy to do research for our own weekend getaway trips; then we thought to ourselves: "wouldn't it be nice if someone can do the research for us?" And that's exactly what we're providing here. Through our landing page, people can send in requests of their choice of locations; and we will get back to them with travel routes filled with exciting destinations. All the routes will be matched with other's routes.

We are looking for some beta testers to provide us with comments about this idea, any feedback is much appreciated! As a part of this community, I realized that mutual help is everything; so I will test your product and share my feedback back ASAP.

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    Isn't Feedback for Feedback in this case a bad idea ?

    Because I believe neither of the party gets feedback from their real customer ?

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      Hi @sachingk,

      I can get what you are saying about, for us, I am trying to get some real feedback, find the TA is the ideal situation, unfortunately, that is not so easy for an early-stage startup like us to find a huge number of TA and ask for their feedback. Before that happen, I am just trying to spread it out as much as I can and try to validate our idea by a limited number of the user including TA and none TA. Appreciate your comment, you let me think again about my strategy! Thanks!

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    I'd love to help you guys beta test. I've also worked with a founder who runs a Latinx travel community, and we've discussed this exact idea. Please reach out to me over Twitter or email in my profile.

    If possible, I'd love some help beta testing a product I'm working on right now called Strively, a goal tracker with social elements. We're trying to build a community of personal growth, and I'm also thinking of gamifying it.

    I signed up for the waitlist. My only feedback from the landing page is that your headlines are a little wordy.

    Here's my suggestion:

    Headline options
    "Love travel, hate planning?"
    "Plan less, play more." - good tagline
    "All you have to do is say yes to the trip."

    Subheader options
    Getaway effortlessly. Let Loopit curate a trip just for you.
    We take the best experiences others have had and match you with a route & itinerary you could only dream of.

    Something like that. Don't try to say too much. Just punch it out there. You gotta slap your reader a little and tell them to listen up. Tell me what your product is in the simplest and most exciting way possible. Cure my pain point on the front page. I got the gist, but it might be lost on some people. Keep it simple.

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      Hi @DirtyRonin,
      I will reach out to you through the mail, looking forward to more detail about your product! I will try my best to give you feedback as much as I can.

      You are not the first one who told me that our headline is hard to understand what we want to offer, we will definitely change it ASAP. The heading line has been a headache for me for a long time, will let you know when I change it(or even try your suggestion). Appreciate all the feedback you gave! Feel free to use our service anytime!

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    Interesting idea. I wonder how it'll scale-up with more users (given the more manual nature of the route-picking process).
    As for the landing page - I love the mock-ups! It feels a bit empty though, and the form is a bit buggy when submitting, but I know it's WIP.
    The design is a subjective thing, so don't take anything I say from here too seriously. I think you should make the name stand-out a bit more. Also, I feel like, on mobile, a column layout for the form would be a bit better. Maybe with more fields, it'll look different, idk.
    Also, the launch field should have the submit button align to the right, I think. The white background could also be changed - it feels a bit like a bug when the background doesn't cover the website fully. A good rule to follow is to darken the higher surfaces in light designs and lighten them in dark ones. But with the background already being far from light (it looks great with the mock-ups - don't change it), maybe you should make it into a "snackbar", add some shadow, or something.
    Also, the shadows below form elements - I feel like something's not right with them. They play somewhat nicely with mock-up shadows, but they're so subtle that they feel like outlines. With this background, I think neumorphism shadows would look nice, but I know it's highly subjective.
    As for the dev-side of things, don't load 4K+ images when it's not required - it's a common mistake. Do some prerendering (if possible) for better SEO and faster initial loads.
    Seems like you're using Vue 2 with Vuetify for components. If I'm correct, you should be able to adjust the styling relatively easily and maybe use Gridsome for the prerendering stuff.
    Ok, enough of it. Please remember that I'm just trying to provide constructive feedback. Now you can roast me. 😅 My product is CodeWrite - a blogging tool for developers. Check it out if you want, and let me know your thoughts!

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      Hi @areknawo,
      Thanks for your feedback! It's so helpful! For the design part, I already talk to our designer and I will update any further message, your advice is impressive and valuable.

      And I also take some time to try your product, since I am not the main coder in the team, I ask my teammate to try the product for me, here is some feedback and I will describe the real message from his perspective.

      First of all, when I open the page, the picture is too tiny for me to understand the product. I understand the product by using it and come back to the picture then I understand what you are trying to tell. For an editor like this, I will prefer to watch a video, it's hard to tell how powerful this editor is by looking at the picture. For example, the second picture, I guess it is trying to show the edit method similar to Notion, but I can't tell by this picture, I realize it by using it, and I really like it seems I am a fan of notion. The edit way really similar to Notion, I like it, the shortcut is awesome. Compare to Notion, I can't find the list to organize my document, I would like something I can save or fold. For me now, I will use this as a tech document in the team. Now all the documents will be list as a single block, it seems that it will be hard to find documents when I have a lot of documents, I can only use search to find the doc I want, I prefer to have something like hierarchical organization.

      I hope my feedback can help, thanks for your feedback again, will let you know when we have anything change in the design part. Feel free to try our service, too!

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        Your/your teammate's feedback is also very valuable! It was a worthy exchange. 🤗

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          Hi @areknawo,
          Just want to let you know that we have updated our landing page, and this version has made a lot of change base on all the feedback, including yours. Your feedback about the heading line and design part is super helpful! If you don't mind, I hope you can take a look at this version of Loopit, and again, any feedback is welcome! Not sure where can I find you so I also send out an email, I hope I didn't bother you too much! https://loopit.dev/

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            Indeed, it look better now. Keep up the good work!

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      Hi @marijnroukens,

      Thanks for your feedback! You are everywhere!

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