Product Development June 2, 2020

Feedback for Feedback - Who Wants to Chat?

Gordon Frayne @gordon

I am looking for feedback on my recently rebranded project Startup Sanctuary

If anyone else is looking for feedback on their product or service, I propose that we hop on a 30 minute call and do an exercise to exchange some critical feedback on one another's projects.

If you are open to this idea, comment below and I will hit you up with an email.



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    Let's do this. Calendly

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      Mind if I hop on a call as well?

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      Sweet, I have booked a time on Thursday my man. Looking forward to it!

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    I'm in love with your feedback idea! If you're still looking for feedback:

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      Sounds great @mxmzb. I just booked some time for Friday!

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        @gordon My Zoom is spinning the beachball, sorry. Give me a minute to fix it or come with another video link.

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        This comment was deleted a month ago.

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    I have booked a meeting on Calendly. Looking forward to it. 🙌

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      I just saw it in my calendar @mizan. Looking forward to it!

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    I'm down. Shoot me an email or post your Calendly, as you suggest to use on your site :), underneath.

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      Thanks @ppalevsky. You can check my Calendly and pick a time that works best for you! Looking forward to it!

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    Would enjoy being on a call with you again

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      Sounds great my man. Let's organize it :) !

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