Landing Page Feedback April 6, 2019

Feedback for homepage


Hi everyone!

I've launch a smart pet tag web application about 4 months ago and looking for some feedback from the community. To date I've had 2 completed sales using Google Ads however I think there is more I can do to drive those numbers up.

Thanks for the help :)


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    Hey @Ripkk, nice product. I got some feedback for you that you might use to optimize your homepage.

    1. Think about the CTAs at the beginning. Why not put buy now instead of register button? Also, make one of the CTAs more stand out. This way you'll guide visitors to the "better" option. Lastly, think about rephrasing "Buy Now" to something like Get/But the Pet Paw".

    2. Don't list features, list benefits. Put the list of pure benefits before the features that you're listing right now. Think of your landing page as the ladder. The people who are "ready to be converted right away" will do it on top, so you put there the sales body of your webpage. Then you put a little bit more of a text to make it sales+informative and lastly for people who must know everything before they make a purchase you put out the most informative content at the bottom of yr website.

    3. Make the pricing more clear. Don't justify the prices. If your product is good enough (if you manage to explain that) people will buy. Make one option more stand out than the others (the middle one).

    4. Include some kind of social proof. The best would be the case study done with a happy customer (even someone from yr family :p) who have managed to get back his/her pet thank to yr product. Just include the picture of a happy pet owner with the quote (to get some idea head to the main page of MailChimp).

    5)Lastly, going back to the first fold of your website; Think about rephrasing the under H1 statement. Do people care about the "QR code solution"? Change your wording to more pain point->benefit/solution-like. Also, they seem to pretty much the same (in terms of size), think about changing that too. Check out other popular websites to get a hint of how it's done.

    Hope you'll find some of that helpful!

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      Wow thanks so much @jacobk! That is some comprehensive feedback :) I will be sure to work through your suggestions. Again many thanks for taking the time.

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        All good :)

        Wish you luck!

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    Like the idea! Just the pricing is not to clear, how much is the tag and what's the monthly cost?

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      Thanks @KareemC this was defiantly something I was looking at, perhaps one price and subscription plan? Maybe I should drop 1 and 6 month options in favour of the yearly subscription?

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