March 25, 2019

Feedback for Kisana - A modern to-do list that deals with procrastination

Sebastian C. @sebastiancrossa

Hello IH, I'm back with another product -

The idea for this project came after a couple of friends and I started comparing how many hours we dedicated to programming each week with a plugin WakaTime. After noticing how productive we got after comparing our progress, we knew we had to build something that wouldn't focus solely on coding. That's where Kisana was born :)

We are close to releasing our first version of the product, which is why we currently have a mailing list for those interested in getting notified when we launch.

Would love to hear any type of feedback/question you guys had.


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    What is the business model and marketing strategy?

  2. 1

    Is personal productivity influenced by comparison to peers?

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      Great question! What my co founder and I noticed was that a lot of people feel like doing more work when seeing what their peers are working on. This makes them put in more work without falling behind.

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        You will want to validate that with minimal effort (get 8 people to try it, show the comparison to 4, don't show it to the other 4, have them use the product on a standardized set of to-dos meaning none are things like "free solo el capitan") before doubling down on it in the UI. i ask because I've been using todoist for 8+ years and do not care one bit what my "karma" or any other imaginary metric is. If you can prove it it will give your product legs, but if you can't then it's just possibly noise.

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          This is the type of feedback we love to get :)

          You are right, that's the plan for us -- get a small amount of users to start testing how they actually respond to the product and start getting insights and feedback.

          We are fairly close to launching the first version of the app, so are collecting as much emails as possible from people that are wanting to try it out.

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