Landing Page Feedback April 29, 2019

Feedback for Location-Based Customer Messaging platform

Dave Young @Davey

This is a B2B2C Project, main paying customer will be a brick-and-mortar business/restaurant/retail who is looking to improve their customer experience by enhancing the first few moments a customer walks through the door and also would like to get to know their regulars on a first name basis. Data insights/visitor patterns and individual targeted promotions possible via POS integration as well. Similarly, drive-thrus and store arrivals will be enhanced with custom audio announcements for customers arriving, letting them know what's new or simply greeting them.

Target user is most likely 25-45yo parent, or someone who would get a thrill by being announced like royalty when they enter a restaurant or store. People in the general area will (hopefully) smile, moods will lift, and commerce will be a little easier. Long lines and waiting areas will be warmer with some conversation starters, taking the edge off of cranky/hungry kids and having some fun in an otherwise boring and awkward moment.

I'm launching the customer/user validation phase now, followed by a basic prototype for direct validation.


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    This sounds really fun, though to be honest sometimes I prefer to be unannounced and just kind of under the radar.. that's just introverted me though.

    I'd caution you against assuming your target users are 25-45yo parents, most startups (I do this too) always introduce bias and nearly always get our early adopters wrong!

    If you're looking to actually prove who your early adopters I have a research service where for $12 you can ask 100 people a question then follow-up based on how they answered and even interview them!

    You could ask "Would you use a service that allowed you to be greeted by name every time you entered an establishment?" and actually see if it's mostly 25-45yo's.

    Anyway just thought it might help. Best of luck!

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    Its a cool idea. And it sounds like a lot of fun. I can see people walking into the Hard Rock Cafe and being announced. ha ha.

    But I am not sure if it has legs, to be frank. There are obvious hurdles, like preventing people from putting obnoxious stuff in their profiles. A lot of people are not going to be want to be announced, or hear announcements. It could get annoying listening to idiots getting announced when you are having a different kind of meal experience.

    Basically I think novelty products are pretty risky. Solving a problem is far more secure. I know I am talking about the product and not the landing page. Sorry. Why don't you run the idea past some restaurant owners before you get too deep in code. You would have to do that anyway, after you make it. Best to do it early.

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      This is fantastic feedback! Announcing is opt-in, and it’s meant for shopping experiences as well as mundane store visits or dining locations. So I’m general it would be fairly infrequent unless extremely well adopted, in which case it’s easily rate limited per location. It doesn’t solve the problem that others dining/customers would be forced to hear it. I’m thinking it’s done very near the entrance with a localized speaker, and the intent is to lift all moods, but I totally hear what you’re saying about the potential for complaints.

      I’m hoping I can solve the obnoxious content problem by having an automated approval process for each announcement piece. User generated content would run through filters and be greenlit ahead of time, or rejected. There is always a “safe” setting... unless someone really worked hard to make their name one of those funny Bart Simpson prank names.

      Anyway, I usually do work on problem solutions so this is definitely very different. If I would reframe as a problem solution it would be: you don’t know much about your customers until they check out. Get to know them the moment they arrive, and follow up with them when they leave. Or something. I think I need to look harder at this, and see if there actually is a problem or two that isn’t being easily solved in another way already.

      I will definitely vet early in the process. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.