Feedback for my landing page for a discovery platform.

Hello Hello,

I've been lurking on Indie Hackers for a while now, taking notes, and just biding my time as I built my latest project. I'm super excited to start sharing the first phase of things to come.

So not to get into marketing jargon and anything unnecessary. Here is my landing page for my new project called Funmetric:


I only have 2 questions for everyone.

  1. Is the message intent clear about what Funmetric is?
  2. How would Funmetric fit in your current lifestyle or business needs?
    1. 2

      @antsanchez oh man, you've made my day. Thank you for this feedback.

      1. Have not started SEO at all yet, I have someone helping with this part as all my time is focused mainly on coding and getting feedback. We'll get that sorted in a week or so.

      2. It's on purpose. I don't want the user to think it's actually clickable and the magic is going to start now. It's just a landing page, explaining briefly what to expect.

      3. I'll change this to be more visible and just the light version of the inputs.

      4. This will be difficult because I'm trying to pace the reveal of information. For reasons stated below;

      a. Some people the concept will click with instantly and sometimes not, I'm fine with this.

      b. I'm hoping to attract the right type of users that are "adventurous" or "curious" about new things and content in general. I don't need everyone to get it initially from the landing page, just the right types of people.

      c. The key thing about the product is it's "a content discovery platform" with a focus on privacy and discovery opportunities outside of your bubble of expectations. I've explained that part clearly, but the rest of it is hard to discuss openly because it's a number of layers that I don't want to reveal too soon.

      I do plan to #buildinpublic and document parts of the journey via Twitter and Medium.

      Again, I truly appreciate your feedback and I'll review with my project manager all the feedback we received so far.

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