Landing Page Feedback May 20, 2019

Feedback for the easiest pixel based analytics for your product or service


I don't want to give too much information (more than the title already reveals) regarding the value proposition as I want you to review how clear it is.

I'd love your feedback!


  1. 1

    The overall layout looks great. Seems like a

    My notes (feel free to take all of these with a grain of salt):

    1. Modify the hero section to be a boiled down description of what Pixelcheetah's goal is, not what it can do. I appreciate the changing text and such, but it doesn't really convey what you're offering. Something like "Track anything in seconds with PixelCheetah".

    2. Remove some of the technical jargon from your feature text. "HTTP/S" -> "secure", and remove "(?foo=1...)"

    3. Add some more information to your features. 3 checks isn't enough. Also, you should consider enabling yearly billing with a discount.

    Overall, the landing page looks awesome. Just need to tweak it a bit!

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