June 30, 2020

Feedback for your Project


Post your project as a comment and in return give feedback as a reply to at least another comment.

The Feedback given is hopefully something unexpected and could be anything from Web Design, Product, Comments on specific market, Content or anything else.

Wow, quite a lot of reactions! I can't resist but shamelessly link drop Free Web Analytics for your project

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    https://docamatic.com - API for generating high quality PDF documents

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      I really like this service, I will try it and integrate it in my most recent project.

      One comment for the website, in the pricing page you have Basic, Developer, Starter and professional, but in the features table you have Basic, Starter, Professional and Business ... thought you may want to have the same in both places.

      1. 1

        Thanks! Well spotted, made a few changes there recently!

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      Oooh interesting, have been looking at a very similar service... and implemented a headless browser to do this, API would be much easier.

      Good set of features, esp. doing html-to-PDF, templating and Image export, this covers everything.

      1. 1

        Hey thanks! Yeah I was definitely trying to solve pain points that I have had myself in the past. Give it a try...there's a free plan :)

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      This is great. How have you been doing outreach?

      1. 1

        Just some PPC at the minute. Not very fruitful!

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      Love the landing page design - very minimalistic and clear!

      What's your plan for marketing?

      1. 1

        I dont have a clear plan here at the minute. Not my strong suit!

        1. 1

          Love the landing page really. Lucid. What did you use to create the landing page?

          1. 1

            nothing special, good old bootstrap

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      Add compress pdf feature and maybe read my pdf :)

    6. 1

      I get what you do. Good, clear communication.

      Curious what's the use case if I have to convert 500-3k docs/month. Who is that person?


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      Really useful. I think you can also create a Google chrome extension for this product. It can get a good reach from the Google chromestore and also it will become much more readily usable

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    https://fiddy.co - discover indie hacker projects in 50 characters or less.

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      Like the idea, maybe add 50 character feedback

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    Portabella - end-to-end encrypted project management.

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      Hey @alex_b_h, I get why you're doing it and I don't at the same time. But personally, I am not sure the end to end encryption is a big selling point for me even when I worked for a bank or insurance we used Trello and Asana, we generally never uploaded data on these sites even if they said they were encrypted, a lot of it was kept on our local drive with a link on the website.

      The website is great, a lot of content may be breaking them out a bit more.

      I am sure there will be people who might utilise this :)

      1. 1

        Hey, thanks! Yeah I agree for most people the guarantees big co's offer will be enough. For big enterprise use companies will likely self host their own instances... so for those potential users I can just shrug and let them do their thing. I believe there's a big enough market for my product to survive without them.

        Let me know if you decide to use it for a project! Definitely keen for more users while it's super raw

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      This is very cool! I read your blog post and like how you started off with full-blob encryption but then moved to item-level encryption in order to provide a better UX. Definitely agree with that move.

      My thoughts:

      • After the splash section, have a quote from someone using it explaining why they like it (social validation). I found the End-to-end encryption already trusted in products such as section a bit misleading as I wasn't sure if it meant those companies were using your product. Plus why is that font so small? And the logos seemed small too.

      • The email verification link was broken: please click following link to confirm your email address undefined/confirm?token=889...

      • The dashboard when you signup was a bit confusing in that the 3 buttons (see image) didn't do anything - I presume because I need to confirm email first?

      1. 1

        Hey, thanks! That blog post I put a lot of effort into so it's nice to hear you liked it. I'm going to write another one soon about how exactly everything works wrt. key derivation, hand shakes, etc.

        1. Yes I have the same thoughts. It's really common to put "social proof" there, however I don't have any users... so my thought was to put a thing like, end-to-end encryption is trusted in these products... But it does seem shady and should go somewhere else.

        2. Thanks for letting me know, I've fixed up that confirm bug and improved the navigation experience a lot this evening. I'm pretty atrocious at design so I just try to muddle my way through it.

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      Hey, if the project is live already, I'd included a little more screenshots of the tool on the page, or maybe even a video.

      Is it the first privacy focused project management tool?

      1. 1

        Cheers! Definitely will do. I don't have a great speaking voice but you're the second or third person to recommend a video so I'll give that a go.

        One problem with being so bad at design (and having such a new product), is it's always changing and being tweaked. I don't want to record a video and have it be outdated next week.

        There are a couple other end-to-end encrypted project management tools... The fact you don't know about them says everything I need to know. The alternatives are laggy and enterprise focused. I've been in the privacy space for a couple of years and know what goes into making a great product, so I'm having a stab at it.

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      Very cool.

      A few other hackers also did project management/habit trackers but I didn't understand what was unique about them. 100% get what's unique about Portabella. Full Encryption. Also good call outs to all the companies that got hacked to make it a real world problem.

      1. Curious how people have taken to the idea of encryption for PM? Is encryption a big selling point?


      1. 1

        Cheers! Yes it's a very common tool for people to build, the alternatives are endless. Just yesterday another competitor (https://linear.app/ which is super nice btw) launched, everyday I see project management tools coming on to the market.

        So far not many sign ups, it's very early days though. Hoping to ramp up marketing, blog posts, social media, etc in the next few weeks.

        1. 2

          I see, they do look nice. I've use monday.com in the past and loved them. Probably will go back to them.

          Nice, if ya want to talk shop about marketing and stuff just ping me @ [email protected]

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    Working on building a GIS company for african countries. Any feedback is appreciated.


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      I worry I do not know enough about your industry so my comment may be useless. And I am not your targeted customer too? But with all that said...

      How about a "feature comparison checklist" chart with features on the vertical axis and your competitors on the horizontal axis and you can show that PaM GIS has more features than any other solution currently available?

      Cool project!

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    Coffeelist.co - A coffee community and list of coffee stuff, coffee roasters and coffee shops.

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      I had to click on this because I love coffee! Very interesting. I recently attended an event where a coffee expert from one of the top NYC coffee chains spoke. He was discussing the technical aspects of what makes coffee "good." I could definitely see a community forming around something like this! People are passionate about coffee kind of like wine. Cool project!

      1. 1

        Thanks Sae! Perfectly described! Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate it! 🙏

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    Dude, @ihucos this is really cool, can I share this on my newsletter? 1k plus...

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      Of course! I also think this is really cool. Got some very important Feedback actually. Happy it's working so well.

      1. 1

        Cool man. Do you mean you have some feedback for me?

        1. 1

          Do you mean you have some feedback for me?

          Not originally, but will do :-)

          1. 1

            Oh, that's great. Can't wait to hear it.

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    flockin.co - a community of virtual peers to solve working in solitude

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      I love the idea, do you have a story of a satisfied user?

      1. 1

        yes, me.

        There are also a few users registered, but they haven't done much on the platform, so hard to tell what they feel. I'm giving people a bit of time and space to figure it out first and then will reach out.

    2. 1

      Hey, the sign up form is a little too long for my taste. Nevertheless, I'm going to try it out ;)

      1. 1

        Thanks! What should I cut out/change in the form?

        1. 1

          Maybe remove the username and maybe also the last name. For later maybe add sign in with Google / Twitter. I think for an MVP optimizing those things might not be that important though :)

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      Hey, It's good concept and a very clean design !

      I just registered but then when signing in again,
      It asks for my username and I don't remember providing one.
      Would it be possible to log in with an email ?

      1. 1

        I believe you can :-). If you tell me your email, I'll tell you what you picked as a username

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      Cool, it's a habit tracker.

      1. Curious why another one. There's lots of HT apps/products. What do you know that they don't?
      1. 1

        Most habits tracker is a tracker only and shows statistics - done in a row, not break a chain and etc.

        Habitton is more like a task-manager and helps to understand what I need to do today to stay on track.

        1. 1

          I understand. We pitched berlocks similar to a habit tracker to help you hit your goals, and the biggest problem we had was to find a group of people who resonated with that. Are you having a hard time finding users (free or paid) to keep using it?

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    https://taskbite.io - Centralize product management and track time

    1. 2

      Hi, some feedback: I think your landing page should focus on what the core feature is and explain it a little better.

      The first page says:

      "Productivity on steroids! 💪
      Track time and get things done across all your platforms, in one app!"

      After scroll down it says:

      "All your platforms in one app
      Declutter your workspace and focus on what matters:
      what’s next."

      Based on the text alone I wouldn't really know what it's about.

      Hope it helps!

      1. 1

        I also feel like the wording doesn't do justice to the value and the features the service is providing, and it's something I've been, and still iterating on.

        Great to know that it's not only me 😬

        Thank you for the awesome feedback!

    2. 1
      1. Product looks cool and it's clear. I get it. Why another product management app?
      1. 1

        Most apps try to reinvent the wheel, and onboard you into a new workflow every time, which gets pretty frustrating pretty quickly. It's hard to keep up when you're working on multiple projects on multiple platforms at the same time (Trello, Jira, Asana, etc…), and so I made a clean solution to declutter your workflow and have one source of truth, while still being able to work (probably collaboratively) on your already existent platforms :)

        I hope that makes sense

        1. 1

          I agree.

          1. How does Taskbite become the source of truth? For example, lets say I use Trello.
            If I create a task in Trello, can I see it in TB? Can I complete it in TB, and it reflects completed in Trello?

          I think it'll have to be deep integrations between the platforms to TB to make it truly the once source of truth. Is that right?

          1. 1

            Correct. When you import a Trello board into TaskBite, you select the relevant lists to make TB work (Todo, In Progress, Done). TB then keeps track of those lists and tasks and make the changes go live both in the app and Trello.

            1. 1

              I see, thats pretty cool then. Good work. Do you have paying users already?

              1. 1

                Not yet! We just recently launched and been putting all PR and basically "putting the word out" on hold; the iOS app is yet to be approved by the folks at Apple (but that's another story 😬)

                1. 1

                  Probably can still do some marketing to get hype around the product. For example, you can chat with people you know using Trello, and other tools and let them know you'll be releasing soon. Collect some kind of email so you can sent at the launch date.

                  Ya, apple is tricky and slow. Did you develop in pure iOS or for Andriod too?

                  If ya want to chat about how to find customers and charge revenue, maybe check us out @ berlocks.com

                  1. 1

                    Very helpful!
                    And yes the app is available on Android too.

    1. 1

      The first impression is a bit daunting--I'm greeted by a blank dashboard and I'm not sure where to start. It would be helpful, I think, if there was a sample project there I could jump into and be kind of like a tutorial as well.

      If there's one thing I'd suggest: audio calls. I think being able to collaborate on a whiteboard while on a call would be a really good to the current situation. I noticed there was chat, but it feels like something available in most whiteboard apps already.

      1. 1

        Great feedback @liboyii.

        Audio calls or even video calls could be useful but it is present in most of our primary competitor and we have no plans on competing in that arena as of now.

        However! Your feedback about your first impression being daunting is very insightful. I like the idea of a sample project or a more comprehensive tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to analyze our product.

        1. 1

          Cool! I'm happy at least one bit of feedback was helpful!

    1. 1

      The website is very clean, great landing page! I like the color palette.
      When joining the wait list (what is this?) I get the following “success” message. Very unprofessional:

      {"success":true,"message":"To complete your subscription, please click the link in the email we just sent you.”}

      Doesn’t feel like I would like to proceed any further. The “Post a Job” button sends me straight through a paywall, without much onboarding. I don’t think people would like to pay to see what’s next. In my opinion payment should be deferred.

      PS: the email went directly to spam.

      1. 1

        Wow, great feedback! Thanks a lot!

        1. The success message is super weird. I'll try to reproduce it. Can you tell me what browser are you using?
        2. About deferred payment: totally agree. It's the MVP of the landing and I'll improve it soon.
        3. Thanks for the information about the spam. I forgot to update my DNS settings. Now it should be good.
        1. 1

          I’m using Safari. I didn’t try with Firefox.

    1. 2
      • Bug: Popover when clicking on "Rule will apply to ..." can be closed by clicking on the gray overlay side but not top or bottom - make it explicit with a close button

      • Impression: I was afraid to give up all my google drive data to filemove.io for privacy reasons. Can the same be accomplished with less access right? How do I know I can trust filemove.io ?

      • Landing page very cleaned up, looks very professional and well made

      • The diagram on the landing page relies on text on an image, which has issues like accessibility and not responsive.

      • fixed header is not clearly distinguishable from content when scrolled down. Both are white - make the header bottom-border darker?

      • The blue from the crips message thingy does not match with the color palette (very minor)

      • Product itself by far not as polished as landing page. The content font there has a too high size or font-weight or so. I don't like the color contrasts. Try to reuse CSS from landing page.

      • "Your Google Drive
        Organized on your rules " maybe let them have the same font color.

      • I personally ("oldschool" Linux person) can not think of a use case for the product.

      • Files are renamed every 60 minutes. Would it be cheap to make it 5 minutes instead and call it "immediately" or so :-)

      1. 2

        Thank you for your feedback. You are our first user :)

      1. 1

        Thanks, we fixed all issues.

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    I'm working on Monilo (http://www.monilo.io) an app that rewards you for saving money through a daily scratchoff and monthly lottery.

  10. 1

    https://www.fat2lose.com/ - A curated directory of tips and resources to help you lose weight

  11. 1

    http://www.monilo.io - An app that rewards you for saving money through a daily scratchoff and monthly lottery.

  12. 1

    Working on creating the first-ever web store of pre-analyzed Open source packages https://ossillate.com Would love to hear your feedback.

  13. 1

    SceneLab - Create realistic mockups and customized brand designs online

  14. 1

    https://app.musicalcountries.co/explore I created a web app named musical countries where you can share and find folk music from all countries of the world. There are many people that are interested in folk music or discovering new music, however, I have struggled to create a community that keeps going back/using the web app.

    I am looking for advice on how to grow a community around the web app and market it so more people learn about it.

  15. 1

    https://www.theirlivesmatter.black/ — Resource aggregator aiding the #blacklivesmatter movement

  16. 1

    https://cruu.io/ - The world's first "drag and drop" interface builder for React.

  17. 1

    Letterbase - Privacy-friendly customer support messenger

  18. 1

    https://midnight.pub - virtual pub & writing community :)

  19. 1

    A way to lock up crypto as a incentive to do a task

  20. 1

    https://slickb.it - A social code snippet manager

  21. 1

    AskMakers: The aggregated place for Q&A with experienced makers💡


  22. 1


    I will not preface this to not influence any opinions but would love to get some raw reactions.

  23. 1

    https://conferfly.com New way to use conference rooms with zoom, meet, teams, etc

    1. 1

      < 10 sec reaction:

      • a lot of text to digest, no pictures (maybe less text more pictures because people see before they read; or just less repetitive text)

      • you maybe doing something similar to visalist.io which was already copied once; so just to make you aware of this other product if you were not already.

      1 min+ reaction:

      • Overall I would focus on the appearance it is hard for me to find the value in this with the way it is presented. It is great that you have all this data but focus on giving the user what they want to find. If I was looking for this info, I would not need info about 190+ countries to start off with.

      • Good: very fast loading page and responses come up quickly, which is good because I have slow internet. I can usually detect if there are issues in this area. Whatever backend you are using is working well.

  24. 1

    My new baby:

    . http://wickedtemplates.com/

    One page responsive templates ready to use or customize out of the box.
    For startups & personal use.

    1. 1
      • Add a few more color accents on the landing page

      • Great animated SVG on the first screen

      • Very good overview and everything is good, with one glance I can see what that all is about and like it.

      • I like the site says exactly what the templates are made of and feel confident tinkering with that (not being a frontend developer)

      • On seychelles: Lacking contrast of black on magenta - maybe just white instead?

      • Smooth checkout process

      • 10$ feels cheap for me without degrading the product I am buying itself

      • I just do like the designs

      • The name “Wicked Templates” is unsurprisingly and easy to remember.

      • On “maui”: clicking the on the button “Get the template” is not enough, I need to click the text.

      • Low quality image here: https://gumroad.com/l/mGbMC

      • Excellent choice for Web Analytics - ping me if you need anything :-)

      • When clicking on “Maui” then “Get the template” I get asked to pay - but that template is supposed to be Free!

      • I don’t see any information about attribution, do I need to have that - what about the Free template?

      • One of my first impulses on templates is, that I’d be a little afraid that customers, etc recognize that I am just using a template and that this is somehow “cheap”. Or that another product - maybe in my field - uses exactly the same template. But thinking twice about it I’d change the colors etc and it should in any case be better than what I can hack from scratch.

      • So to sum up: Really great webpage, I like the product, don’t really know where to complain :-)

      1. 2

        Add a few more color accents on the landing page

        • I had it in mind, been thinking with turquoise or yellow.

        Great animated SVG on the first screen

        • Thank you

        Very good overview and everything is good, with one glance I can see what that all is about and like it.

        • Thank you

        I like the site says exactly what the templates are made of and feel confident tinkering with that (not being a frontend developer)

        • The point is to have less hassle as possible. The developer dow loads the template from there they can download the CSS framework instead of using the CDN if you really need to.

        • Recommended to download the library though.

        On seychelles: Lacking contrast of black on magenta - maybe just white instead?

        • I agree, will change, at the end of the day is just display.

        Smooth checkout process

        • Gumroad is cool.

        10$ feels cheap for me without degrading the product I am buying itself

        • How much would you pay?

        I just do like the designs

        • Thsnk you

        The name “Wicked Templates” is unsurprisingly and easy to remember.

        • There was a early r&b 2000s song saying it an I am still singing the song and words...

        On “maui”: clicking the on the button “Get the template” is not enough, I need to click the text.

        • Just fixed it, I fell asleep and forgot.

        Low quality image here: https://gumroad.com/l/mGbMC

        • Will fix tonight ! Thsnks a lot.

        Excellent choice for Web Analytics - ping me if you need anything :-)

        • I don't like tracking people as GA does, is awfull

        When clicking on “Maui” then “Get the template” I get asked to pay - but that template is supposed to be Free!

        I don’t see any information about attribution, do I need to have that - what about the Free template?

        • It was the wrong link, it should be fixed.

        One of my first impulses on templates is, that I’d be a little afraid that customers, etc recognize that I am just using a template and that this is somehow “cheap”. Or that another product - maybe in my field - uses exactly the same template. But thinking twice about it I’d change the colors etc and it should in any case be better than what I can hack from scratch.

        • The main purpose is to give the developer a layout and from there, do what they want and need.

        So to sum up: Really great webpage, I like the product, don’t really know where to complain :-)

        Thank you, it means a lot. Someone will find where to complain, I am sure about that.

        Haha. Thanks a lot !!!

    2. 1

      Does this work for me if I use react?

      I know about bootstrap (and to my understanding tailwind is similar) so with that in mind, I still need more info about what type of project I can drop this into. If it's vanilla HTML + CSS + JS then it will not work with react without heavy modification.

      I would make the template previews taller. Looks like you have 1/2 hero and then it is cut off.

      Have you considered making these templates aware of the dark/light mode of the device? I don't know if that is a thing in the design community and if people prefer to set it manually for each app, but ever since it became a thing I default most of my apps to automatically change based on the user device settings by using CSS variables for colors. Again I don't think this is widely accepted way of going about things but just giving you some ideas. This is a simple example of how to dynamically change colors based on device settings. Either way, I would use variables for colors so they are easy to customize.

      1. 1

        This is what i call feedback.

        Well the templates are just made with HTML and the framework, so from there you decide what to use JS framework to use.

        They are just made with HTML and the classes from their respective framework.

        Regarding the preview, clicking on the image you go straight to the live template, then if you click on details you can see the specs, and full screen shot.

        Regarding the dark mode, I do not take care of it because all I sell is the layout.

        site is not finished though lots to do

        1. 1

          Okay I didn't realize to click on the templates, that was my fault.

          Thanks for sharing your project while it's still a work in progress!

          1. 2

            No worries man, there are 2 free templates, you can download them and see "what is like and what is not " - @csallen

            this one:

            enjoy them

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    https://tablericons.com - 550+ open-source, customizable SVG icons.

  26. 1

    https://gamepresskit.com - The all-in-one solution to build, manage, and publish game press kits. No code required.

  27. 1

    http://kickstartsidehustle.com/ - Newsletter with viral marketing case studies

  28. 1

    Not a SaaS but would love some feedback on the landing page of my book

    1. 1

      Agreed, the dark mode TLDR is very difficult to read, but the light mode works great.

    2. 1

      The TLDR is very dark gray on very very dark gray. Same with "Get a Free Sample".

      EDIT: Dark mode!! I default to dark mode on my machine so that's why it looked bad. Light mode is fine.

  29. 1

    https://mutualbloom.com - Tools for online remote fitness coaching e.g. workout + program builder

    1. 1

      UI is not showing ok on my phone

  30. 1

    Right-on...not sure if it will be web-based App or mobile App. I appreciate your insights.


  31. 1

    I'd love your feedback on the copy & landing page of https://www.mailmycustomer.com/. Will you pay for this application?

  32. 1

    Nodewood - A JavaScript SaaS Starter Kit designed to save weeks or months of time when building your next app!

    1. 1

      Love how it comes with docs so you can get a peak into what the code looks like a bit. The site also looks great. Out of curiosity, is there a specific reason behind using Vagrant instead of something like Docker?

      1. 1

        Thanks! I'm actually working on a blog post that should go in-depth on what it's like to use Nodewood to build a simple feature, explaining concepts and details and such.

        It's less "Vagrant vs. Docker" than "Ansible!" Ansible makes it very easy to make a deploy script for both your development and production environments, whereas with Docker, you still need to figure out a way to reliably deploy those containers somewhere.

        Which isn't to say that Nodewood won't ever come with a Docker container. It's just a lot easier in the early stages when everything is kind of up in the air to spin up a VM, try stuff out, and remove it if it doesn't work. I would absolutely love to spend some time Docker-ifying Nodewood at some point in the future, but focus #1 is getting the critical features for users out the door, and hardcore Docker users will likely be able to spin up their own container in the meantime.

  33. 1

    https://upstamps.com - Feature Flag Management Platform to separate code from different environments and projects 🚀

    1. 2

      The color palette is superb! UI is easy to follow as well :)

      1. 1

        Thank you appreciated the kind words 🙏

    1. 1

      I wonder if this doesn't fall afoul of gambling laws? I didn't see any sort of legal notice on the site, and you should probably have one.

      1. 1

        Yep. We have the privacy policy and we are working currently on that legal notice around that. That's why we are blocking the deposits atm, so, right now basically the app is just to receive earns and not to deposit.

  34. 1

    https://www.fruitbowl.io/ - One click onboading for marketing agencies

  35. 1

    Mailmask - Easily stop unwanted email

  36. 1

    BuildFaster.co - HTML themes made easy as pie

  37. 1

    https://jot-clipper-frontend.herokuapp.com/ -- tool for saving and tagging code snippets. Also has a slack bot, so you can mark beginning/endpoints with reaction emojis, and clip parts of your conversations for future reference.

  38. 1

    https://howuku.com - A tool powering digital marketer and product/ux manager to personalize and optimize user experience.

  39. 1

    www.mediamarkup.com - Video, PDF and Image feedback and approval tool

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted a month ago.

      1. 1

        All the processing is done on the client side so it cannot be API based, it has the advantege that it keeps users privacy by not sending video to the server

    1. 1

      Looks interesting! I like the slogan. Feel free to ask me some specific questions :)

  40. 1

    https://topicplay.com - The Best Way to Discover Educational Videos

  41. 1

    https://moneyboard.io/ → The most important metrics from Stripe, Google Analytics and Social Media in an easy to install dashboard.

  42. 1

    https://ds9soft.com/popdo/ - A Mac menubar task list


    • Do you think an iOS version would be great to have or a complete waste of time?
    • What do you think of the website?
    1. 2

      I believe a mobile version of the application will add more value to the product.

      Feedback on the website,

      • CTA button can be above the fold.
      • You can use different font colours for heading and descriptions to create a hierarchy in the UI which will make it look more clean and scannable.
      • Animated GIFs/videos on the landing page will explain the product better and you could make use of that.
      • There can be enough space between navbar menu items.
  43. 1

    https://incitefulnewsletter.com - Notes on curated business and startup podcast episodes to help you decide if it's worth your time.

    Would be great to get ideas on how to improve the concept/product!

    1. 1

      Quick heads up - I got a certificate error when following this link. When I refreshed it worked and redirected me to the URL with www and https working.

      I'm using Firefox if that helps

      1. 1

        Hey sunnyam, thanks for flagging! Hmm not 100% sure how to fix this though. I might have to reach out to MailChimp to ask.

  44. 1

    Hi, I'm Bill from Berlocks.com - accountability for founders

    Weekly 1:1 calls with founders to build a quick MVP, find customers, and charge revenue.

    Thanks :)

    1. 2

      This looks really cool! I do get a Network Error when trying to Open Auditorium from the homepage though: https://analytics.offen.dev/auditorium/

      1. 1

        Thanks for having a look, glad you like it! Unfortunately it's really hard to guess from our side what could be the reason for a Network Error.

  45. 1

    Feelsom - Personal Analytics Tool to Find Patterns in Daily Habits.

    Imagine a wellness platform, where you can track your daily routines, build healthy habits and get actionable data to improve your life 😻

    Harsh critics or early adopters - any kind of feedback is highly welcomed!

    Thank you, guys!

    1. 1

      P.S. For now, its iOS only 🤷‍♀️

  46. 1

    Pinger - Uptime monitoring service

    1. 2

      Landing page

      Looks really nice, authentic wording, love that I can just try it out with my site directly.

      Would like to know the intervals in which you'll ping my site as well as how I can differentiate that from regular users. Otherwise this might skew analytics. (In-app I see that I can set intervals and probably use request headers for that, but it might be something people ask themselves before registration).

      The pricing sligthly confused me. After a second look, it seems that all listed features are available for all plans. However, if that's right, would I only get 10 status pages even if I'm monitoring 30 sites?

      Also, what counts as a site (one url, one domain?) and what counts as online, does a 200 status code suffice or can I include custom checks?


      After adding a site, it doesn't show me the response times in the Online-Dropdown.

      Clicking on Site > Checks gives me a blank page, console says "reCAPTCHA couldn't find user-provided function: vueRecaptchaApiLoaded"

      Some more locations (Africa, Australia, China, South America) would be sweet I guess

      Would be nice if the status page could be white-labeled e.g. status.example.com

      Like the product, hope this works out for you.

      1. 1

        Thank you so much for such a detailed feedback.

        I'm going to completely redo the pricing block, I really don't like it.

        I also agree with you on every point you stated!

    2. 1
      • Love the landing page.

      • The messaging is very clear

      • Maybe you can add something around page load times and why it is important

      For example, one benefit can be you monitor how long it takes to load a page and if people left before it fully loaded.

  47. 1

    Keepsy.app - Allow a family, friend or trusted advisor to access your stuff in case something happens to you.

    1. 1

      I hope this is more than just a note-taking app categorized by different services someone might use. It might be hard to get consumers to pay for this while competing with a piece of paper stored next to my last will. Also you need to get people to trust your service since what they're storing is basically a master key to their live

      1. 1

        Hi @nilo,

        Thanks for the feedback. Yes, this is more than a note taking app. It's a space to save your important mortgage papers, location of your passwords, your last wishes, instructions on how to care for your pets, pretty much anything that's important to you. You can name a Buddy (This can be a family friend or legal advisor) and if something happens to you that person can request access to Keepsy.app. Before that though, the app will check to see if something really has happened to you before allowing your Buddy to access your data. This is more than a will. I will is old, really slow and hard to update. It doesn't normally have instructions about my social networks, my Shopping app, or what to do with my pets. Thats something we want to fix with Keepsy.app.

        Trust, yes that is definitely important. Data has to be safe and data has to be encrypted on many levels, we need to take measures in security to earn trust like Banks do.

    2. 1

      Useful thing! Google can make something similar

      1. 1

        Hi @kizzaibrahim960,

        Thanks for your comments. Google does have something similar but more simplified,


        You can setup your Google account so that your account is deleted if there is no activity or you can setup your account for your family member or friend to gain access in the future. Thats also a reason for building Keepsy.app, the giant Google is one of the few who does this. But in all walks of life we don't just have google, we have social media accounts, password managers, emails, shopping apps, device passwords like phones or computers, children, pets, last wishes, businesses and everything that surrounds them, property, the list is endless...

        1. 1

          But you can also keep all this data somewhere in Google account

          1. 1

            Yes you could, but where would you find it, so many apps, so many documents. From a privacy point of view is Google safe enough to keep your most personal data?

            At Keepsy.app we try and solve that. Papers, documents, instructions, contacts are all held in an organised way, and if something happens to you your Buddy can request access to your data. Simple and easy.

            All data is encrypted using bank level security. Communications between you and Keepsy are also encrypted. Not even we can read your data because it is encrypted.

            You can also specify the amount of time before you give your Buddy access to your data. During that time we will contact you. If after the unlock time has ended and you haven't answered we will allow your Buddy to access your data.

    1. 1

      It looks pretty, but totally unclear how it works or what it does. So, sure, I can add myself and launch a timer....but how does that correlate to meetings?

      I think you should add something more explanatory to the landing page.

      1. 1

        You're right, I don't know how I've gotten away with no explanation haha

        Will work on that!

        1. 1

          awesome! Keep going ;-)

  48. 1

    CallKite.com - Your website’s video call center in just one click.

  49. 1

    Freshreader: get rid of those 82 open tabs you know you'll never read anyway.

    1. 3

      Wow, id have to echo @dshannon you have an awesome signup process, but also partly disconcerting as I expecting to fill out a form. That could be a behavioural aspect but that might be something people get used to, however this can lead to false signups as people might not have been intending to sign up.

      Id have to disagree with @mangooly in regards to text, I found it very useful and told me what you did and how it works if anything made me want to sign up. However, I think you can solve his core comment of feeling overwhelmed by breaking the text out a bit. Id agree with @mangooly what is the core message you would want to hear.

      I think @mangooly has got you covered on a lot of comments I would have made :)

      @mangooly Id love to hear your thoughts on my site too base on your product designer experience as one of my core target users.

          1. 1

            Simplify simplify simplify. Your service talks about an assembly line, it talks about clarity and automation but it doesn't exhibit what you are trying to sell. I think the content is pretty much there, it needs a little bit more structured. It's more the branding that needs a lot of work. You need to simply, Choose a font that transmits a state of that art assembly line, talks about clarity, so your font must be clean. Try to be consistent with the colours that you use. I recommend you read on the theory of colour and choosing colours. There must be a why behind everything. If your colour is Purple you must explain why its purple and not yellow. If you end up going with Purple, choose 2-5 shades of purple and stick to them across your design, Eg. one for buttons, another for backgrounds, etc... Make sure there is enough contrast between backgrounds and font colors. I can hardly read "Lets chat". Be consist in your bradning and the photos and illustrations should all be branded in the same way. You should look at any image or illustration and quickly identify it as 'artizan'. Right now your images and illustrations are all over the place.

            There must always be a why you use a colour or decide to add angles to or squares or circles. If you can't find a why to anything you do, don't do it. You have buttons in yellow, others in red, rounded forms, rectangular forms, horizontal forms, vertical forms. You need to be really consistent.

            To summarise,

            1/ Find a font that fits the brand (ie. clean, automation, futuristic...
            2/ Use consistent images, same colours, sabe backgrounds, spacing must be the same, same illustration and photo styles.
            3/ Be consistent with your colors. Read about colour theory. Use only 1,2 or 3 colours and stick to them. If you need more colors use shades of the same colour. Think about clarity and accessibility. Think about contrast. You need to put rules as to how you use colours. Eg. I can only use this colour for fonts, this one for backgrounds, I can never use this combination of x colour with another colour, etc... A recommend you look at examples of Branding and design systems. Here is a nice link to many design systems including some I've worked on in the past, https://saijogeorge.com/brand-style-guide-examples/
            4/ Your homepage is different to your logo page. Is that correct?

            Hope all of this helps

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback @joashjohnson!

    2. 3

      Hi @mv,

      I'm a Product Designer and I just visited your site. Thought you might like some feedback,

      1/ I love the greens used in your logo. They are fresh, clean and give a sense of new and high tech. Although as I navigate through you website I see you start to use dark greens and blunt greens. My emotions start to go down hill, I start to feel bored. I start to feel I am back in the 90's or some green society or website for my local library.

      2/ Your landing page has too much text and I start to feel overwhelmed. It doesn't tell me right from the start. I feel like leaving. (Maybe cut some text out and make some text smaller and in grey)

      3/ Why 7 days? why not 5 or 20?

      4/ When I visit your website I feel like a smoker only I'm not. What exactly is the negative side from having so many tabs open. Maybe that should be the selling point.

      5/ I love the word Fresh and I love the logo even if it looks like a leaf.

      Hope this feedback helps.


      1. 1

        Hi @mangooly, thank you for the extended feedback. I just updated the freshreader.app landing page based on your comments.

        Why 7 days? why not 5 or 20?

        I felt that 7 days was the sweet spot to let go old items. If I don't make the time to read something within a week of finding it, I'll likely never read it. I intend to let users override this 7-day default at some point.

        When I visit your website I feel like a smoker only I'm not

        Ha. I love this, great way to put it. Thinking about it now, I think that these open tabs take up precious mental space, and represent an opportunity cost to discovering other things.

        Thank you again!

        1. 1

          Cool, much better and cleaner.

          In relation to the 7 days, i would just be transparent and say its an example, but it can be 8,9 or 10. Explain in a clear fashion why its 7. Saying its the sweet spot isn't enough, maybe you can do some user testing and figure out what the real number really is. Use that to explain you argument.

    3. 2

      I think that is the quickest / least friction signup I have experienced!

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate you taking the time to share.

    4. 1

      also, maybe prevent saving the same URL twice?

    5. 1

      Love the idea! Have you thought about having different time periods? In the event of 'Spring Clean' of my tabs, I would be afraid to forget to check the important, though not urgent ones 😅

    6. 1

      Love the instant account creation process! Although I clicked without even knowing all it does haha.

      Would be great to have a Safari extension as well.

  50. 1

    Artizan is a digital assembly line that helps you build products.

    I would love to hear your thoughts @ihucos and everyone else

    1. 2
      • I like that you include actual screenshots of the app. Feels real.
      • I tried to click on the Artizan logo to go back to the home page, but it doesn't seem to be clickable.
      • The yellow call-to-action button on the home page could be bigger, brighter, or otherwise more obvious. My first reflex was to scroll down.
      • The image below the "No More Playing Tag with Presentations" heading looks like it's clickable (as a way to start a video), however it's not: it's just an image. Same for the purple pill buttons below. Slightly confusing.
      1. 1

        Thank You @mv 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️, your feedback is great and I shall look to make improvements to the site soon🤩🤩🤩. If you don't mind me asking id love to hear your thoughts on what you think the platform does, I am struggling to know to ensure that message of the product is being communicated clearly 🤔🤔

        1. 1

          My first impression is this: it's a tool to simplify product development.

          However, I'm struggling to identify how it helps me. How does it make my job easier? How does it make me save time? What's the value of this solution?

          1. 2

            Thank you so much for your feedback @mv. I can use this to update my content and my site!

    2. 1
      • “Let’s Chat” and the gray menu header items - Too low Contrast

      • Color Palette: For me personally the colors recal old websites designed for CRT screens. The formular with the strongly rounded input fields but also the images underline this impression. Although the overall structure is good and “modern” - that mixture irritates me personally.

      • The Form on the button uses 5 input fields, where the label is given as the input’s placeholder. Maybe that are too many input fields for this method and an label always visible on the side would be easier to handle when the text input replaces the placeholder.

      • The mentioned inputs look too much like buttons IMO.

      • On “What Do We Do”: The image “Product Process” has text which I can’t read very well on my 1080p 24 inch screen.

      • On “What Do We Do”: Generally I do like that there are less colors here.

      • The Header “The playground of the future” is too unconcrete and unspecific for me personally. The font I personally would not associate with the word “future”.

      • On the register Form I had an validation error. All my input disappeared and 4 of the input fields are now red with no error message.

      • I registered and the message flash “Thank you for submitting” is barely visible - make it stay longer.

      So to sum up in my option do the following:

      • Use colors, color contrasts, fonts but also an icon/image design that looks more fresh, flat, modern, somehow matching to “Artificial Inteligence”.

      • Make the form more user friendly.

      • There are four times the word “play” on the landing page, I personally would use a more concrete and serious wording.

    3. 1

      I am even now, you go first :-) hehheh

      1. 2

        Hahaha thats fair, i didt realise Free web analytics was the website you wanted analysis for 🙈🙈🙈. Ill have a detailed look tomorrow 👌

    1. 2
      1. Register/login/demo form is quite confusing - it's not clear how to register; you still see the same form.

      2. It would be nice to add more info about metrics. Is it all visits count or unique visits count?

      3. On the demo site and at my account, I see a white rectangle above Referrers/Landing Pages. What is it?

      1. 1

        Thank you, it makes sense. White rectangle is a Chart.js chart. Apparently not rendered correctly on your specific browser.

    2. 1

      Hey @ihucos, this took me a while to get to today this is my personal view.

      Firstly I think you have a great concept, I am assuming "instant Setup. No Cookies." are your USPs? As a product manager, I am used to seeing cookie-based analytics it would be great to know what you mean and how it works and what it will track and what it will not and more importantly what are the benefits of using your platform over any other analytics tool.

      Demo, definitely a great idea I think I might steal that idea of yours. However, when i click on Demo I cannot go back to the landing page the only option is to reload the page that I saw. I think the biggest challenge is that you don't have any clear CTA's excerpt on the homepage. So what do you want me to do, tell me a journey you want me to go down.

      I agree with @devhulk on making it a bit more clear on the login and registration as I was quite confused expecting something to happen and maybe using ur blue CTA rather than the black so that it does not blend into the background.

      As much as free is great, I was trying to figure out what the catch was, are you going to be processing all my data. Also, a good thing to define on here would also be around are you sampling the data or not as this has a massive impact!

      Also, I definitely think you need to put this on your site "This project aim is to serve many users for free in a sustainable way." its a key to your story and why you're doing it as that's the biggest question as you could be someone trying to steal data etc.

      In terms of fork me from GitHub maybe open that on a different tab as you want to make sure you don't lose a customer on the journey.

      Id love to see more images on the homepage to show off the product and also just realised what website is your demo looking at so that I know it's based on something not just random data you have put on there. It could be you have done this but might be worth faking it if you know what I mean so it tells a story.

      1. 1

        Hey joashjohnson,

        that is really valuable input, it makes totally sense. Thank you very much, will definitely work trough the mentioned points. The login form thingy I see now and can't unsee that anymore. Haha. I'll take a look at yours tomorrow :-)


    3. 2

      This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

  51. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

  52. 1

    This comment was deleted a month ago.

    1. 1

      Hey, I tried the free demo, but to be honest I didn't quite understand it.

      Feel free to ask me some specific questions about it :)

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted a month ago.

        1. 1

          I think you need to show the exact use case - who is it for? why is it better than shopify or wordpress?

          I think you should also go for a traditional style landing page approach.
          Right now there's too much stuff on the page (too much stuff to click).
          You probably can look at the shopify and wordpress landingpage and create a similar one.


          • a video would be good, showing it in action.
          • the flow of copy needs to be so that I first understand it, then only later down the page to list the various integrations, and addons.
          • if the demo is your call to action, it should be highlighted. the way it is now it slides away on the header, and it's not visible half of the time.

          Hope that this is helpful :)

          1. 1

            This comment was deleted a month ago.

            1. 1

              This comment was deleted a month ago.

  53. 1

    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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