Landing Page Feedback January 29, 2020

Feedback: Habit Tracker and Micro-Journal - landing & app

Marcin Czech @IdeaRoots

I've just finished a solid MVP + landing and launched it today on Product Hunt.
I would love to get your feedback on the landing page and app itself.
What are your feelings, how do you perceive the value of the app?

Product Hunt

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    First, congratulations on the launch! Good luck!

    Second, though it's not a comment on your landing page: I love the navigation scheme of the app. I've never seen a menu put there before and it's genius. Very convenient for the thumb.

    Finally, some notes on your landing page: the initial impression is too busy: the background, drop shadow, two (short) paragraphs of text, the links to app stores. There's too much. My advice would be:

    • cut the drop shadow
    • cut the background
    • move the company logo further up and to the left
    • make the app store links smaller
    • cut it down to one paragraph of text (I don't think you need "ManyHats focuses on...")
    • ADD a screenshot from the app

    The video is good but a little slow moving.

    Anyway, overall I think it's very well done and I hope you have a lot of success!

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      Thank you very much for writing all this feedback. I care about details like this.
      I will test all the items one by one after PH launch ends.

      by saying "ADD a screenshot from the app" you mean on the first page (without scrolling) right?

      Good point about the paragraph.

      Agree about the video, it was initially 2.30min then 1.30 and finally 1.15 but as you say it's still too slow!

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        by saying "ADD a screenshot from the app" you mean on the first page (without scrolling) right?

        Yes. How did launch day on PH go?

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          8th position, 140+ upvotes. That is a very good result for a fresh product without any community.