Landing Page Feedback March 13, 2019

Feedback Needed: Customer Feedback Explained

Dimitris Kotsakos @dimkots

Hi IndieHackers!!

We've been working towards releasing our beta version within next month. We are a team of 5, however none of us is a copywriter nor a marketing expert. We are Software Engineers and Data Scientists.

Ambissues is platform that collects user feedback from all channels, groups related issues and provides insights, e.g. what troubles users the most, bursty bug reports and popular feature requests.

We've reached 300 early access requests and are always happy to accept more! :D

We'd like your feedback on our Landing Page, both here and through our Drift widget. I will be happy to answer any questions and will offer an extended trial (1 year instead of 14-days) if someone here feels she needs our platform to manage user feedback.


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    I'd say that it looks good overall.

    It seems like you've already made a major investment on building this app. Why not pool your money and hire a copywriter or a marketeer for a week on Upwork? Marketing is probably not the place that you want to be saving money right now.

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      Hi Alan! Thanks for your feedback! We haven't invested any money on copywriting or marketing! We did this all by ourselves!

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