Landing Page Feedback December 2, 2019

[Feedback needed] Omlyx landing page

Peter Csoka @petercsoka

Hey fellow hackers!

Would like the new (version 99999999) landing page for omlyx:

Much appreciate any feedback!

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    Looking good, I like it a lot! The only negative I can think of is asking the email after I opted to sign in with google (you should already have my email address at that point).

    Szep munka, csak igy tovabb xD

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      Had some issues setting up the scopes. I'll check what can I do with that!

      Koszi! :)

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    Wow guys, these feedbacks are Super helpful! Thank you soo much!

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    It's not at all bad, but here's some comments with ultra-critical hat on:

    • The main headline ("the easiest way to connect with your customers") is overdone and says nothing unique about your product.
    • The subhead hits another two cliches with "intuitive UI" and "AI", and then confuses things by implying that the AI would help build the chatbot, while usually the AI kind of is the chatbot.
    • The "featured on Product Hunt" button doesn't add information or convince anything, but it competes visually with your main CTA ("get free access now"), and is right next to it.
    • The SVG images don't convey any information (they are just generic illustrations) but they have bold lines and strong colors, so they compete with your feature titles for attention.
    • There's no screenshots of the vouched easy visual editor, or the actual chatbot.
    • The feature descriptions are very short and generic.
    • Value prop VS competitors is left unclear (there are tons of established chatbot builders), how is yours better?

    Hope this helps & best of luck!

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      Thank you very much!

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    Hey Peter, thanks for sharing! I think the header copy could use a revision to be more clear on what differentiates the product.

    "The easiest way to connect with your customers" seems like a good bit for chat in general but maybe not specifically for Omlyx. Intercom's headline is, "A new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers." Maybe take one of those actions and hyper focus on it.

    So, Omlyx could be, "The easiest way to acquire new customers."

    Then, in the sub header, I think that build, develop, and ship are all the same words. But I don't even think they are necessary.

    How about, "Create a chatbot in minutes and watch it turn website visitors into customers."

    Maybe that's helpful? @sethk may have thoughts

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      Really appreciate it! Thanks!

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    I usually like to see screenshots of the product somewhere before I will sign up for a trial. Thats just me though.

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      I'm going to consider this in my project. Thank you for taking the time to share :)

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      Wanted to put one up. Thank you for the reinforcement!