Feedback: Note-taking platform for podcasts

Hi Everyone,

I created Podcastmarks to scratch an itch for taking notes on my favorite podcasts. So Podcastmarks was born. It is in its infancy, and looking for feedback.

I would love for you to create an account and check it out. It's free to start using.

Hope you enjoy!

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    Hey David. Been pondering about the same problem. What are your thoughts on monetisation of this technology?

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      Hey Dima - For monetization I thought through a couple strategies and landed on a subscription model. A simple free/pro tier model.

      What thoughts do you have around the monetization of Podcastmarks?

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    Don't know if this helps, but here goes.

    I regularly listened to podcasts when I was driving to work. At a 1.5-hour drive each way, this gave me enough time to listen to 2-3 of my favorite shows. But as I was driving, there wasn't much I could do by way of taking notes. In fact, I didn't even consider taking notes at all.

    For my persona, it wouldn't make sense to use Podcastmarks - as I'm driving! It's not really about the "can't take notes as I'm driving" thing, but that hour-plus drive was more for me to listen and focus on the entirety of the podcast. And I'm already taking mental notes as I listen along.

    What I'm getting at, is perhaps there's a very specific set of people that you'll need to target, rather than just the entire domain of podcast listeners.

    Best of luck with the product!

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      Thanks for the feedback! I do agree it would be difficult to use while driving. I use to listen to a lot of podcasts while driving. What I found was I would then save the entire episode, but in the future forget what piece of information I wanted from it.

      I don't listen to as many driving now, so I would have the opportunity take a note if needed.

      I am thinking Podcastmarks as more of a tool as you said for a smaller niche of podcast listeners.

      Again I really appreciate the feedback!

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