March 26, 2019

Feedback on a meeting app

Ravi Vyas @ravivyas

Hi all, Wanted your feedback on this product & concept. AirMeet allows you to share the meeting agenda with folks before the meeting. People can have a discussion in comments and add todos. Ideally, with enough back and forth on comments, you won't need the meeting to happen :).


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    This isn't a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) yet.

    • Meeting agendas aren't single text-areas, though I understand that is easier to code. Actual, real-life agendas usually involve a minimum of 3 bullet points or nothing at all--as in they don't actually set an agenda
    • The date entry doesn't specify a format nor does it pop up a date-picker-like utility. That's kinda game over for a lot of people. I'm not going to try to guess random variations of "Apr 18 1pm" for a meeting
    • Location doesn't seem to work either. I was expecting it to do something, but it seems like a free response. That's pretty worthless for a lot businesses that already have their meeting rooms and locations pre-populated by their existing software.
    • No easy way to share it out to more people once you get in. This is critical. In business people are often added right before a meeting or after the initial email chain. If you don't have a link ready and waiting the way companies like Zoom do, it is a show stopper
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      Thanks for this, will fix them :)

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