March 8, 2019

Feedback on a SaaS idea


Hey everybody,

Freshly landed in IH and want to start off by having the community's feedback on a general SaaS idea that has been on my mind lately.

It solves the pain point of hiring software developers/coders and helps you automate a considerable part of it: SaaS for testing candidates ability to solve coding challenges, much like, where the challenges are defined by the software developers of the recruiting companies.

What are you thought?


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    As a hiring person, usually i give problem and time to solve it. If developer does it, and can describe his method then we are good to hire him.

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    Ask customers. Maybe Indie hackers are not your customer profile. Are you worried to reach out and speak to real customers?

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    @TAnas is one example

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    I don't think this is a "bad" idea, but as a developer I'm always a bit leery of "coding tests".

    I'm always happy to provide examples of code I've written but not too excited to be asked to work for free to prove I can code. It often feels like the person "hiring" is actually looking to get free code.

    It really depends on the position and the specific coding problem. I wouldn't apply for a job I can't do and I wouldn't spend my time solving a very specific challenge that feels more like I'll be giving away free code.

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      I agree. I am a developer myself and hate "whiteboard" tests, and I have seen recruiters give freelance projects as takehome projects to candidates as assignments.

      My vision is that the "coding tests" would be light and obligatory to submit your resume. This weeds out people who can not code at all, since it is not rare to meet a "coder" candidate who has trouble writing lines of code in their language of choice. To really get what I mean, I recommend this article:

      On the bright side, you can pass those tests at home, with access to internet and documentation.