March 12, 2019

Feedback on chrome extension 😃

Jake @jakerogelberg

Hey Hackers,

I want to share something that I’ve been working on recently called Spacejunk:

Spacejunk is a chrome extension that curates crypto long reads and surfaces them in every new tab.

I found myself sifting through 20+ sources on the daily to find high-quality crypto reads, while dodging the bullshit, hype, and FUD in the space. The v1 is coming out in about a week that’s much faster with some more features, but I’d love to share it with a few folks here for some feedback.

General feedback would be great, and I’d be glad to have a discussion around how you find and assess quality content. How do you establish that it’s from a trusted source? How do you asses that it’s high-value information? Why should you spend your time reading it and not something else? (because this is ultimately what I’d like to help facilitate.)



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    I am curious how you plan to market this and gain user?

    1. 1

      Great question. I'm not in the marketing phase yet--my next goal is to have at least 10 customer development interviews so I can gather feedback, and grok the problems people have finding high-value crypto articles.

      Once a I get a good feel for this, I'll move into marketing this organically. If it's a good product, people will tell their friends about it and a referral campaign could work well.

      If it really starts picking up and a biz model developes, only then will I attempt paid marketing. But I'm a ways off from that.

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