Landing Page Feedback November 8, 2019

Feedback on Cocktail Service landing page [built with Carrd]

samburke @samuelburke

I'm pleased to announce I've finished my website for Cocktail Service [now serving Ottawa, Ontario], built with Carrd. Here she is:

I'm sharing this because I'm proud, but more importantly because I would appreciate honest feedback in any way.

My primary focus right now is getting my first customer - literally just one. The reason for this is because I'll have to go out and buy everything required and start building my inventory based on that first order. I expect to lose money on the first few orders, but eventually (& in a relatively short time frame) I'll have paid off the price of my equipment and enter the green zone.

I'm going to offer a steep discount to my first customer and go out of my way to make sure things go well for them and gather as much feedback as possible. Down the line, I'll invest in my tools by purchasing a SurveyMonkey subscription and advertising.

I still have obstacles ahead with this idea, including delivery, inventory, lawyers/liability, but I think it has some decent potential as a first business and I would love to hear any other considerations I may have missed in order to ensure Cocktail Service thrives. Cheers!

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    I like the idea - have no idea what competition / demand is like for you in Ottawa so cant tell you if it’s a good idea for where you are. I’d definitely consider something like this for a party.

    The landing page is ok. I’m no expert so just personal opinions...

    • color scheme a bit dull. Almost looks like a website for a bar. Something brighter / vibrant and more exciting to stand out?

    • you jump straight into how it works. I think better to start with who the audience is and what the service is / why they need it at their next party. Focus on the key benefits for the person who buys this service - focus of the party, memorable party, friends talking about it for weeks afterwards, it’s a pain in the ass to go buy all the spirits and find cocktail recipes, stress free, etc etc

    Kind of feel that you need to hook them before telling them how it works.

    Hope that’s helpful.

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      Thanks for the feedback, Paul! I agree with you on the colour scheme - just tried updating it but might still have some work to do. I also agree about an "intro/backgrounder" section before the how it works. I'll create that next. Cheers!

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    Hey Sam. Pascal from Ottawa here.

    Ok so normally I ask folks with a product pitch page to tell me the kind of situation that would cause someone to go seek out a solution like the one you're proposing. A struggle, an annoyance, something recurring too. I think that's still a question I'd ask if you'd like to take a shot at it. But.....

    This is a neat idea! "Purple-cow" neat. I get it.

    So I tweeted about it and will pass the word. Holidays are coming up and everything. Good timing!

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      Hi Pascal, nice to meet someone else from Ottawa on IH! I focus mainly on services for our city.

      Thank you for your kind words and feedback! I sincerely appreciate you sharing on social media as well. Hope to see you around the community!

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