April 11, 2019

Feedback on Crypto extension 👋

Jake @jakerogelberg

Hi there!

Since I fell down the "Bitcoin rabbit hole" I've always found it hard to parse the signal from the noise in the Crypto space, particularly when it comes to crypto-economics.

I thought that there should be an easier way to discover high-value crypto reads, and filter out the sound bites, price predictions, and shilling.

So I built Spacejunk, a chrome extension that surfaces high-value crypto long reads in your new tab. http://spacejunknetwork.com

This first version is a lean way to get something out there to get some feedback and on and center conversations around.

If you test it out, I'd really love some feedback! I'd also be happy to send you some Satoshis via lightning for hopping on a call with me.

Any initial thoughts?

Thank you!

#product-feedback-request #crypto

  1. 1

    Great idea. Have you looked at boards.messari.io ?
    Filtering news in this space is a huge need. Not sure who will pay for it though.

    Would love to talk in more detail.

    1. 1

      Yea! I actually just saw Messari Boards yesterday for the first time - looks promising.

      I would gladly take you up on your offer to talk in more detail. Is there a day this week we could hop on a call?


      1. 1

        Hey Jake, Sorry Just saw your reply. DMing you on twitter. Does tomorrow Apr 18th work for you?

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