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I haven't publicly launched my website yet. It's available but yet to be advertised as I am making changes here and there.

I was wondering if I could receive some feedback on the homepage. After I finished the web app, I whipped up the landing page very quickly without much attention to details. It was rushed. Now my question is whether it needs to be updated or changed. I see a lot of nice fancy landing pages but i'm confused as to whether I actually need something more indepth or not. It's not a problem of course but if it does not need to be changed, I rather not waste useful time doing so.

Some people have said the current is nice which surprised me as it was super rushed but anyways, let it at me.

Does this homepage explain everything well enough? Is it all clear?


Website: https://eatradar.com/

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    Contact me as I have a great application for your app

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    Congrats on launching @eatradar

    The header is very attractive. Well done!

    I like your UI a lotttt!!

    The footer seems weak :) would love to see social media handles, privacy policy and sitemap.

    I'm also re-designing my site, would love to hear your expect review.

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    I agree with the other comments - very good landing page for being "rushed". I've added a couple bits of feedback for you on That App Show

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      Thank you for all your feedback. That's a great website, i've registered and responded to each comment.

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    For a rushed site, it actually looks really really good.
    Especially when just starting out, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It makes sense to me what your product does.

    ~ Best of luck 🤟

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      Really apprecite the response. I'm reassured to hear this.

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      I was gonna say, it looks really good, and I would put it in the upper 20 percentile of decent looking MVP landing pages. So rushed? I shudder to think when you have time @eatradar

      It does seem clear, I think. So you are a site that hosts all restaurant menus? Do you think restaurants would balk to add their menus to this, as I know at least a decent amount already have them linked say in Yelp. Or are you aggregating them yourself and cutting out the clutter for the end user?

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        Thank you very much. I just needed to whip something up quick at the time and it's what I came up with. Glad to know I do not need to change it right now.

        I aggregate them myself and yes to your last question, that is it. Just with more filters/customization while keeping it straight to the point. Nonetheless I would hope restaurant would appreciate the free advertising as long as you make them look good and possibily bring them customers.(Just my assumption).

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          Sounds good! I think for a first MVP it comes across well. I'm sure the more you pore over it you'll find things to sharpen, but it's definitely better looking than a lot of other MVP's this or other communities have seen.

          And I'm sure the restaurants would appreciate that! More web real estate for them the better!

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    Hi @eatradar!
    I really like the website and for me it is enough for MVP of the product. Its clear and simple. Good luck!

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      Thank you, glad to hear this :)

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    I'd say it's clear and easy to understand what it is about, so I like it, good job!

    I'm not sure if I would use it as a service, but I definitely got the idea.

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      Thank you for the response. Much appreciated.
      If you don't mind me asking, could you give me a few reasons why you wouldn't use it as a service? Please be blunt. I've had mix reviews for a while now.

      Due to similar responses in the past, I also moved on to a second project months ago that i've actually validated first (thankfully) and have a bunch of subscribers unlike this one.

      As this project does not require much work other than adding stores initially, I can just leave it for whoever finds it useful while I focus 100% on my main project.

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        I'd say the main problem is that I cannot select food just by measurable parameters. So the idea is that in lots of restaurants they add nice pics, add a great description and put a low price, but it's not tasty at all, and in another one, you will have ugly pics and great food.

        So here is an idea: couple of years ago I moved to another city and tried lots of deliveries, all was awful, then I opened youtube and found a guy who did reviews on different restaurants/deliveries. He just made an order, and then on camera did unpacking, and tasted everything. This way I was able to find lots of great places. So if you would find a way to combine review + your info, then this could be useful for me.

        Let me know if you have any other questions :)

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          You gave me great information. I will consider in the future a way for how I would integrate reviews efficiently.

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