Landing Page Feedback March 18, 2019

Feedback on Landing Page

Conner Pope @cpope

Could definitely use some direction on this landing page I've created for #octohelp!

Very basic for now, I plan on adding more but could use advice for beefing it up!


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    Hey there Connor.

    Visually looks great!

    Think it could use some benefit statements. E.g. how will it really help reduce repetitiveness in support tickets? Think in terms of benefits, not features.

    I also recommend chacking out this guide on landing pages:

    It helped me a lot :)

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      Thanks Tomray! I'll check out the guide, it seems like it's well-informed.

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    I love the entrance animations and your use of 3D shapes to break up the space! Really engaging and adds some great personality to the site.

    I agree with @nia in that the righthand side is the perfect place to highlight your product. Scrolling down, I'm picturing lots of whitespace with choice copy and very high-level concepts to encourage demos and signups.

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    I love the lilac. Perhaps you can show a stylized version of the product inside of the window.

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      Thanks! I've been meaning to make a video and put it there. I haven't gotten to it yet :P

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    Actually, that's a little difficult to let me imagine what service exactly is...

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    Looks nice, it would even better if you can add a product image sneak peek on the right side.

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    Switch the text around. Put the selling point in the h1, and the "Get free Access" in the sub-text. Also put something meaningful in the window, something to give me an idea of what this product actually is or behaves like. This is just the base theme from try to change it up a bit more. Good luck!

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    Hey conner, maybe it's just me but there wasn't really much there to give feedback on...

    You might find my landing page checklist useful - in particular the first 3-4 points.

    Good luck!