Landing Page Feedback March 31, 2020

Feedback on Mesure landing page


Hey everyone! I wanted to get your feedback on the following:

  • Is it clear that I am measuring your performance not 'time spent' ?
  • Is it clear that the dashboard is private?

Thank you in advance!

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    Hey @Adaobi44 great concept

    Is it clear that I am measuring your performance not 'time spent' ?

    If I don't scroll down, I thought you're talking about workout/sports performance :)

    Is it clear that the dashboard is private?

    I can see you mentioned 100% private

    The dark theme is well designed. Excited to try the product when it's ready. I'm also re-designing the site of my side project, would be awesome to hear your feedback

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      Sure will check it out

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    Great job, your product looks very good from a design perspective. It is very clear to me that performance is being measured. However, it is not clear from the initial viewport that the performance of individuals is measured and also who is the target group (developers).

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      Thank you for the feedback. You are right it could be a lot clearer, working on that now!

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    i thought its pretty well done compared to what I normally see on this group. what did you make it with?

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      My cofounder built it using tailwind and gridsome.

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    Just some friendly advice - if you want to know if something is clear - don't tell them the answer :) Ask instead - what do you think the company does (for example). The Mom Test - I'm sure you've heard of that book before.

    So anyway. To your question. It took me quite some scrolling to figure out what is meant by "performance". You should really clarify this in the first title. I understand you can measure your coding performance. I wonder what metric can be measured, I guess time spent? Number of lines changed? Now going back to your question I see that is not what you want. So what is this magical "performance" you're speaking of?

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      By performance we mean code quality, velocity, estimation accuracy, time to deploy etc. We measure it in relation to tasks worked in order to provide the proper context. Will work on making this clearer

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      This is really good feedback, will work on making it clearer. Thank you!

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    Your FAQ states that the produdct is for sofware developper, but I was not aware of that before.

    Actually, by reading the above the fold text,
    I had not idea if we were speaking about individual professional performance, or maybe product performance ( conversion ... )

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      Thank you for responding and checking out the website. We are starting with software engineers for now but plan to expand at some point. I will work to make it clearer that this is for software engineers (for now).

      Will also make it clearer that it's for individual performance.

      Thank you!