May 15, 2019

Feedback on my landing page?



I am trying to convert my blog into a consulting business. Its a niche area and my goal is to sell software development, consulting etc related to the domain.

The website is

What do you think? How it looks? What could be changed to make it more appealing?

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    Hi @nocubicles (great username), I agree with the comments here already, I've red penned the page for you here, it was easier than typing it all out. hope that's useful.

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    Thank you all for the feedback! I have gotten a lot of good ideas and try to implement them.

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    Hi @nocubicles,

    1. Clicked on SAP BYD (
    • Join the mailing list window seems to be wrong place

    • Page is called like SAP BYD Archives ( should it route to Category Archives? )

    • Didn't find anyway to go back to home page

    1. Too long headings in drop-downs.

    2. Page titles ( visible in browser tabs ) alway have "|" symbol on the end

    3. - block with your feature has strange sizes.

    P.S. I love the simplicity of design. But I am not your target audience so I just try to notice something in general.

    Macbook 13" (Safari 12)

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    I'm not a designer but I have a couple of points that you might find useful.

    As Makr said the page is offset to the left which just makes me feel weird when looking at it.

    Also, the all white background is but offputting. I like it in sections but I think you can use a few other shades of a base colour to break it all up. Have a look at some of SquareSpaces templates, they are a great place to get design inspiration from.

    Also your email at the bottom of the page after the "More about our services" makes it look like the page is unfinished. This should be in a footer, again broken up by a colour block of some kind. The footer should also have any copyright info you might want to include as well as links out to your social networks.

    Also, the menu up the top looks good, but the hover over links are way too big. It could also be worth moving some of those tutorials and SAP BYD links to another page so the menu is a bit smaller. There is a lot in them and can be a bit overwhelming to read through.

    I hope this helps, all this is just my opinion so take what you want and leave the rest.

    Good luck with it all!!

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    Hi there,

    Disclaimer: I am not your target user - I have no idea what SAP Business ByDesign is.

    First and foremost, you should look at designs on Dribbble, Uplabs, and awwwards.

    There are a lot of things going on here and notably, the page is offset to the left. Why?

    When you build a website for clients to look at you, you want to appear trustworthy and clean, and right now it is coming off as lazy and unclear.

    Did you know that unDraw lets you change the color of the illustrations? You could try some blues since that is the direction you went with the navigation and ctas.

    Your navigation bar seems like its a tree to me for some reason. Ex: Parent > Children > Child and I think this is because of the spacing and lack of uniformity. I also think you should work on branding, which would help me trust you because I see who I am working with.

    All in all - the design and UX is pretty messy right now, with no clear direction on how to navigate your site.

    Hope I was somewhat able to give direction on where you can look to improve.