Landing Page Feedback March 14, 2019

Feedback on my Minimal Viable Landing Page

Rob Race @rob_race


Hi hackers, as I have been hacking away on the Pull Manager app, I have been trying to find a middle ground on the landing page where I am not tweaking it for hours, but still making sure it speaks to the nature and value prop of the application(it has been live for a week or two and not sure if I have seen as many beta sign ups as I would like).

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    I think a good idea would be to give a more relevant position and size to your CTA. Join the beta is kind of hard to see where it is. Bigger button and a more central positioning might help.

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      Ah, good thinking, I'll play around with that. When I had it centered, it felt like...just another centered element above the fold.

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        I just checked again and it still seems very easy to miss. Check this one out:

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          That's interesting, what OS/browser are you using, after some changes, here is what I see:

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            That's looking so much better! But this is what I see (nice I just found out Firefox allows you to share the screenshot directly here!). I am using Ubuntu 18.04 + Firefox 66.

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              Wow! That blows my mind, FF on my machine is showing it just fine too:

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                Don't worry then, just checked with Chromium and it looks good. Don't want to bother you with aesthetics, go back to build your product! :D

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    The site looks clean, but kind of boring. Additionally, the font-styles don't noticeably vary against each other so the main selling points aren't emphasized as much as they could be. I also noticed you used the phrase "important pull requests" a lot.

    All in all, nothing major. To me your site is pretty good, just some small nicks to buff out.

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      As a developer who isn't very design aware, what does "boring" mean?

      I guess, maybe, what is a landing page that you feel isn't boring?

      Good call on the repeated phrase...that always gets me, even back to writing papers in grade school.

      Thanks for your feedback!

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    I also had a problem with spending endless hours tweaking landing pages. I'd recommend that you do what I did and spend a day Googling "landing page templates". When you find on that resonates with you, just drop the $20 or so to license it, insert your images, and publish it with Netlify. No more yak shaving...