March 12, 2019

Feedback on my Python hosting service

Alex Becker @alexbecker

Hi Indiehackers!

I've just built my first "serious" side-project: It's like NPM for Python--you can use all public packages through it (and they are backed up and you can see what you download!), plus upload your own private packages or forks.

I'm in the no-mans-land where I have the product built but no real beta users. Any feedback on the landing page, the product, or interest in a free beta?

Advice on how to find users would be great too!


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    It's not clear if this replaces pip, complements pip or is something entirely different.

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      I should definitely re-frame it for someone who doesn't already use a python index (or know it by that name). Pip is a tool for installing from packages from an index, by default PyPI (the "Python Package Index"). PyDist replaces pip (or can complement it if desired).

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        How do you convince users to trust your new service? Even if you are trustworthy, your service could be compromised. (I'm playing devil's advocate)

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    I love the domain name, I'm a py dev myself will take a look later.

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    Overal is good, but need to work on web page design

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      Definitely. Any specific advice?

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        I think it looks fine. Don't waste time with changing the design at this stage. You should focus on getting users right now.

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        I think it looks nice. My advice would be removing text-decoration underline on the login and register buttons on upper left

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        Use fiverr or upwork to outsource web design

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    Here are some of my initial thoughts about your product landing page:

    • The image on the right doesn't really make any sense. Try adding something that would be relevant to your product.
    • The logo has a tooltip "Agnes". Resolve it.
    • The first thing that comes to my mind looking at the logo is; Mastercard.

    We usually help out alot of startups in giving feedback for their landing page designs. If you want, we can provide you with an in-depth review of your product at no cost. You can submit your request here:

    Also, it made me wonder, why would someone not use the public package index and use yours instead? Is the private package the only USP of your product?

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      You got me on the image/logo! They're from the template I used for the landing page (named "Agnes"). I've contracted a graphic designer to make a logo, but I have no idea what to do imagery-wise. Screenshots of the product? But, it's mostly an infrastructure product, so the UI is not all that fancy.

      Re: why would someone not use the public index--well, pretty much no company wants to make their code public, so that's a pretty core selling point. But the other advantage is that PyDist backs up the public packages, so if a package you depend on is deleted from the public index you're OK.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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        Hi Alex,

        I would stress that selling point you mention a lot more. I was wondering whether PyDist was something for me and after your explanation I got what it exactly is and that it's not for me :)

        Keep up the good work!

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          You're right. I've been thinking about it in terms of someone who is actively looking for a package index, who of course would know what it is. But that's only one audience I need to target; I want managers to be interested, people who have a friend they know uses python, etc.

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    Hey Alex, good work.

    I missed some detailed information on how to use the tool. I think it would be nice to have some images with the process because as an user I don't want to create an account, make download, etc.. to see if it solves or not my problem.

    Best regards

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