Landing Page Feedback April 16, 2019

Feedback on my website? #landing-page-feedback

Brandon Herford @brandonherford

Hi IH,

Thanks for taking a look at my post. I'd love to see your feedback/critique of my project site:

This is a project I am working on right now. My goal is to make CairnTernet as clear and usable as it can be, without making the user feel corralled, and while also staying true to the concept and vision of instantiating digital Cairns on the internet!

I've had lots of feedback from friends, but none from any other group of people - I'm looking forward to your thoughts, visceral responses, suggestions.



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    I like this idea! I find it very peacful. Around me, I see these in and near rivers and creeks on hikes.

    Think it would pair well with some kind of zen music and/or nature sound generator: water, wind, ocean, forest etc. Felt missing...

    Also, wonder if a more recognizable title might help people understand what it is at a glance. Instead of "cairnternet", something like "stone balancing" and educate people about it once they've bought in.

    Sharing will be a nice feature too!

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    Thanks for the feedback Will.

    I like the zen audio idea, I’ve thought about that too. I’ve also thought about having faint sounds of rocks and pebbles scrapping together when a stone is placed. I think sharing is key at this point.

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