Feedback on New Product Launch

Hey All,

We've just launched a new project that helps philanthropic orgs and other non-profits create digital kindness corners where they can collect stories and messages of thanks from their communities to share with their frontline workers (docs, nurses, teachers, fire fighters, police, and more).

If you have a chance, take look at our sales pages which users will navigate to based on our email sequence we share and let me know if the offering and calls to action are clear. If you have feedback on how to strengthen these, please share it.

Page 1: Sales Page - goal is to convert visitors to live demo: http://essentiallykind.11FiftySeven.com

Page 2: Sign Up Page - sent as a follow up after the prospect sees a demo: http://ek.11fiftyseven.com

Note: we've had a few folks say the web pages don't load for them, so I'm also curious to know if anyone else has similar issues (I'm using Ontraport for the first time).


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    Took me a bit of scrolling to find what this is about.

    I think it's a good idea to also test other headlines like: "Nothing motivates more than a genuine THANK YOU" (and then show an example).

    1. 1

      Thanks! I'll share that feedback with the team. I suppose I should have set some context with my ask above. We are sending an email campaign to a targeted list. Emails have CTAs like that within. So these pages are somewhat of a second step. Very good points through. Thanks!

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