Landing Page Feedback April 19, 2019

Feedback on O'Hi! - iOS App to help instantly share your contact information

Noopur Shreyas @NoopurShreyas

Hi, I built with a friend.

This is my first app and I'm excited. Looking forward to feedback on idea/execution.

Also, if there's any input on distribution, monetization, it'll be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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    Congrats for your app and for your website,

    Only, be careful in your "Contact Us" page, you made an error in the code:

    "Hey, <br/> You can reach me at..."

    The "<br/> is written wrongly (and it's why we see it on the page), go for : </br>

    Well done!

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    Congrats on your first app! Great landing page too. I love the idea to make sharing your social contacts easily with others. I think only challenge you will have is how to make sure everyone has this app installed to do that.

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      Thanks @1979! To share your contact info, the other user need not have the app installed. Most camera apps/QR readers will work!

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    I love the idea and keeping the branding close to LinkedIn is risky but also has an initial familiarity bias.

    But distribution channels would be conference and networking events. Working with event organizers to create a play of this app as an add on to their event.

    Monetization is more trickier as it will take partnerships and custom build on top of the product to get real paying customers per se.

    Also on the Contact Us page you should have your own QR code as that will show that you drink your own Kool-aid.

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      Thanks @manishb01! Not our intention to keep branding similar to LinkedIn, this is the first I heard about the similarity :)

      Agreed with you on the distribution channel, I like the idea of working with event organizers!

      The contact page does have the O'Hi! page generated through the app. The page that gets shared does not have the QR in it.

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    Can't comment on app itself as I don't own the iOS but I love the landing page. If I was tasked with improving it I think I would add a little more info about what exactly 'contact information' is (i.e. all your social media info in one place, etc.) plus maybe some sort of privacy policy.

    All in all love it, great stuff. I can imagine in the future instead of handing out business card people will just scan QR codes off of each other phones.

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