Landing Page Feedback September 25, 2020

Feedback on our first landing page.


Hey, I am creating Bespoke Resume, an application where you can get Tailored Resumes for every job you apply to, in less than 2 minutes!

I am a student and during my internship got the chance to recruit for the startup I was working with, that's when I stumbled on the idea.

I am using a template for our landing page and Typeform to capture emails. Would love to get your feedback on the design, copy and CTA. Try it out here:

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    Other people seem to be roasting on the site. But I have no particular complaint: from the fonts to color. Even CTA text works fine for me. You got the number/stats which I like. Get a Tailored Resume sounds very straightforward.

    I think the value prop is also very strong. Overall you have compeling lists of problems. On top, I do know there are many freelance Linkedin profile writers in Fiver. So I'm sure there's a demand. All the messages are all clear to me. You could add some examples like before and after of resume snippets so I could see how I could improve.

    What might be confusing to me is tailor and AI. My initial assumption was the service was human editing, therefore "tailored". But now as I'm reading the AI part, it looks like an automated solution. That part would be a bit confusing to me.

    My request: I'd appreciate if you can comment on my very early landing page: (AI writing assistant)[] for linkedin (somewhat related?).

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      Thanks, I am glad you like it, I've made a few changes to make the site faster to load and removed the typing animation. I think the value proposition would be a lot clearer once I attach a demo gif as you've done, we're in the process of creating the product but would add that soon.
      I looked at your site and I understand the concept clearly, but I'd recommend rewriting this line 'Compose a clear, trustworthy message with Inksprout's AI-powered summary writing social media assistant.' If initially, you're targeting captions for LinkedIn, maybe adding these keywords would help. I also have one question, as I understand your target audience would be LinkedIn power users, those who understand that the algorithm does not like external links, hence they put all such links in comments rather than the post so that the organic reach is not compromised. How would you tackle that?

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        Nice, a very quick update on your end. Ya demo gif always excites people. And you'd get more accurate feedback as well.

        Roger that on the copy. And thanks for the insight. I wasn't aware people put in links in the comment. I think it's easy for them to do a workaround like pasting the link to get the summary and removing the link after. But I might add a workflow specifically for this.

        I take that you are naturally active on linkedin. Do you find the value in this type of seeding your post with text?

        PS: come to think, your resume service and this would be quite a complementary product.

        Update: if it's your interest, I found this post suggesting LinkedIn no longer penalizing links since June.

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          Yeah, I'm not very active but do occasionally post and just read about this stuff that's why have a little bit of knowledge of it. I do think there's value in this, I just recently posted about a small achievement but had to think how exactly to write the post, so a service like this would be helpful, not just when sharing links, but on other occasions as well.
          I also have a couple of features planned around LinkedIn, and we can definitely work out something in the future, some sort of integration or something to provide value to our users. Would be happy to chat:)

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            Good to know! Ya writer's block happens to me too even at social media. Writing assistant overall seems to be a good future direction!

            Nice nice, integration always brings stickier value prop to users. Yap! You can connect me on twitter or linkedin!


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    Your page took too long to load for me. Not sure why.
    Also the typing animation is too slow.

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      Yeah realized that, thanks. I've made some changes, let me know if the speed has increased, thanks again:)

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        It's much better now.

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    I think it really is clean and direct. Only part is to show me a CV, before and after editing (that you can do when you actually launch if it is not yet ready).
    Also, your CTA takes too long to load.

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      Yeah, will incorporate a demo as soon as we're ready. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    I waited 7 seconds to see some content and I'm on a fiber connection. This is very bad.

    Also, you have a huge 1MB image:

    After that I skimmed the content and I'm no closer at understanding the product itself.

    Show me what the product looks like. Tell me how much it costs. This is more important than trying to convince me why I need to tailor my resume. Most people that land here will probably already understand that.

    If you're only hoping to capture emails for the future you need to make super obvious that the product is not ready yet.

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      Thanks, I've optimized the images now. I agree a demo gif/video or just a sample resume would be something which we can use, I'll try to incorporate that soon.

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    Here are my thoughts on your landing page @manmeet

    • The shadows behind the boxes seem too dark and prominent, in a distracting way
    • I found the animations to be smooth and nice, so kudos on that.
    • Probably use a better font type? I personally think you can find better fonts for the page.
    • The background image on the landing page can be improved
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      Thanks, will try to improve it.

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    • the typing animation is painfully slow
    • It would be nice to see an example of a job description and the resume that came out
    • request access / get access is not a good cta, try 'create your resume' or something
    • you need to give some indication of what it's going to cost once released
    • copy is repetitive and could be improved in terms of layout, personality and flow
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      Thanks, yeah the animation is going away I realize that was a mistake. Could you please guide me to any resources to improve the copy? I am not a marketing guy so don't have any experience in that, any links with best practices or something like a crash course that I could use. Thanks.

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    The animation takes too long to load, and doesn't really add value. I'd just leave the text there and swap out each statement after a couple seconds.

    The term "tailored resume" is missing the rest of the statement. Tailored to what? You need to sell me above the fold and you're only partially there at the moment.

    The CTA is wrong for your service. Request Access has a very techinical feel to it, and the avg job seeker may be put off by it. I would consider adjusting to something like "Start Now" Or "Learn More" depending on where it takes me.

    You're repeating information in the FAQ that I've already scrolled past. That sends a message that you may not have much to say about your product, and will cause a loss of confidence. Pick where you want that statement and leave it in one place.

    Your branding is not clear. You're using tailored in one place and bespoke in another. Pick the words that fit your brand and only use those.

    Your testimonials sound fake. They read like AI tried to build a statement full of keywords. Find some that are more natural.

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      Thank you for the detailed feedback. Great actionable insights, I'll get on it!

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    It looks great but if I suggest to add more accent color around the texts and if you can afford some pretty illustrations they really can increase the professionality of the site

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      Yeah, definitely something we can explore. Thanks for the feedback.

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    This comment was deleted 8 days ago.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. The template looks really nice, but I don't think I can redesign the entire thing right now, I need to get the product ready, that being said we can definitely use this later on.

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