February 24, 2020

Feedback on practical approach to idea validation

Peter Thaleikis @spekulatius

Hello everyone,

After a number of projects with little to medium success, I've spent some time rethinking how I validate ideas. After weeding out a number of ideas I've come to the conclusion that the new approach to validation works much better. End of last year I wrote down my approach to idea validation in detail. While it's over 4k words 😵️ you should get through reading quickly - 30 minutes well spent, if you avoid months on an idea without a future.

To make your life easier it includes resources such as a Google Sheet and links to related services to get the idea validation done quickly. The process comes down to three steps to validate your idea:

  • You should do some research if the idea exists in some form already. Also, you need to identify what the core pain points for your customers are and collect basic information for later marketing (if you proceed with the idea). To help you find the right places to check I've included a long list of sites which might be of interest. This is the meaty part of it.

  • A simple approach to having initial conversations with users/customers to evaluate if there is interest in your solution and how far it goes. I've also added example questions to consider while validating your idea.

  • Public Validation using a simple landing page while collecting leads using a newsletter. Tools etc included of course 💪️

I'd love to hear if you think this could help you in progressing your idea. I'm updating the article as I fine-tune the process - might be worth adding it to your bookmarks for later.

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    @spekulatius Very well-written and a good read to boot! A lot of first-hand knowledge that can only come from the pain of experience. Thank you very much for sharing, Peter!

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      Thank you for your kind words @c0nsilience! Happy to answer any questions you might have (if I can)

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        Peter, I'll definitely reach out to you over the coming months. I've recently gone down the rabbit hole of coding to (eventually) bring an MVP to life. I'm also in a few partnerships with developers, so whichever happens to come first, will be the likely path I'll go down. Either way, I'm going to follow you on IH and I will not hesitate to reach out!

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          Awesome, keep me updated on your progress Benjamin :)