Money November 13, 2019

Feedback on pricing strategy

Ali @aliakhtar

Hey everyone,

I'm working on something a bit unique and looking for advice on my pricing strategy.

My product is , its a business name generator which learns your tastes. You give it some words like 'food', it comes up with suggestions like 'foodcutter'. You then teach it what you like by clicking on Love / Like / Nah under the names you like. Each time you hit Like / Love, it comes up with about 10 new words it generated based on your votes so far.

E.g if I click Like / Love on 'foodcutter' I get results like 'foodsitter, foodlogger, foodutter', etc.

My current strategy is to allow people to get 3 batches of these personalized names for free. With each like / love click (and new batch), a health bar in the bottom gets lower and lower, until it reaches 0, and then you have to pay to recharge it. (And then it runs out again with each further batch).

But how much should I ask people to pay? $1 for 10 batches, $5 for 10 batches, or $10 for 10 batches?

Appreciate any feedback / thoughts, especially on how much you would've paid for something like this when you were trying to come up with a name for your startup.

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    Cool idea. Went through the process though and was receiving errors as I was clicking 'like'. So couldn't see the whole process to give any pricing suggestions.

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      Sorry to hear that @rjbrown3 - it should be working now if you'd like to give it another try :).

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    Wouldn't pay for this.

    Maybe show available domain names and look into getting affiliate deals with domain registrars. is an example of this (not sure how they're doing)

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      I agree. I love the UX/UI, but I think the best way to start generating revenue could be through affiliate links.

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      Hey @sobbuh , just to make sure we're on the same page, did you try clicking like / love on any of the names? Each time you do that, it generates another batch of personalized names (tailored to your votes). The idea is to charge for those.

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        Yep, I just don’t see the value in it personally.

        Others might, just offering one perspective.
        Hopefully more people will respond so you get a better idea.

        Good luck!

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