Landing Page Feedback April 7, 2020

Feedback on the landing page of a SME friendly HubSpot alternative

Stefan Vetter @StefanVetter

Hi, I'm Stefan 👋

I recently launched my first product: Friendly Analytics (friendlyanalytics. io), a privacy friendly Google Analytics alternative

I got lots of good feedback, but hardly any sales.

So today I am (soft-) launching my second product:, a SME friendly HubSpot alternative

If you have thoughts on the landing page, please let me know! 🙂

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    Hi Stefan, congratulations on launching both products. My main feedback would be the landing page to me feels like i'm reading a newspaper. Too much text and too much black and white.

    For an easy win I would reduce some of the text to the really key points that you will help visitors convert. You could also help liven up the site by finding some stock vector graphics, my go to site is Vectorstock.

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      I second this comment. In one section you have 11 text blocks. That is information overload. Someone will see that and just think "too much work, bye". Also watch your spacing between your text blocks, they seem a little too close together and you don't want people to think "unprofessional". Could be personal preference though.

      I really couldn't make heads and tails out of the illustrated chart too, as it just looked too complex for a quick pass. If you can break that chart down and create a couple small sections about the streamlined benefits of the chart, I think that will be more effective.

      I'm also not sure I'm in love with a direct comparison of the product it's inspired from, and showing a review for them. I think you stated your point enough about the product that you don't have to do that. If anything, create a testimonial of a future customer of yours that shows how excited they are to use it and what problems you're solving for them. I'd maybe replace the testimonial part with the suggestion.

      Otherwise, I think this is a product that has a market. I haven't done much research re competitors, and I know you're probably early, but it's a good start! Good luck!

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      Kudos for the compliment 😊 Yes, I need to add more visuals to the site. Which text could you most likely do without?

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    In my opinion there is too much text and way to less images of your actual product on the landing page. Would love to see actual screenshots of your product in action, which would then also break up your text-only sections a bit. I would also suggest to put your testimonials way more up in the order of the page as they are too important & catchy to be hidden on the very bottom of your page.

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      Thank you Mikas! Yes, I will add more screenshots to the site. And moving the testimonials up is also a good idea. Where would you put them?

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        I would swap the position of your testimonials with the screenshot your currently have

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          OK, I have switched it like you said. Is it better now?

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    The Intro section has too much white space, headline is conveying the message what the product does but the space between headline and the content is too much,font size of the content is too small and the user may be unable to read ,The image in the intro section does not convey the message,its just out of the box (try using a larger image as a background or on either side of the messaging)The CTA is fine.The feature section ,using of icons will make it stand out,for the next section grid based layout will convey the message better,the testimonial and the clients are not proper,overall the page looks dull and cluttered,even if your product is excellent,the first impression is the landing page.
    Use the landing page builder its totally (free of cost )build pages without code its has pre-built built templates to choose from,try it out your conversion rate will go higher ,DON'T MISS IT

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      Thank you for the detailed feedback and the tips! :)

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    How do you plan on marketing these products?

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      Hi Volkan, thanks for you interest! That's my plan:

      First of all, I will market it to our existing clients and our network.

      Then, I will do a proper launch on platforms like Product Hunt, Reddit etc.

      After that, I will explore channels like SEO, SEA.

      What would you recommend?

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        Sounds like a solid plan.

        You can also look into after clients, it can give you a huge SEO boost and some upfront money to help with development costs.

        Will also help with PH launches and feedback.

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          Thank you for the feedback! AppSumo sounds interesting, will have a look!

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