Design and UX January 25, 2020

Feedback on the layout of my website


pretty new here, started a few days ago. In september, I set up a personal website with Jekyll to let me experiment with code and design and good, simple and minimal UX. I also plan to fork this layout to make front-end pages for products that I want to build in the future.

I'm becoming obsessed with speed and usability, and I would like to get some feedback on the website overall:

What do you think?

Of course, if you like it, you can for the website from my public GitHub repo.


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    Looks great man! Good job

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    I like it, fast, easy to use and it focuses on the content („clean“)! Good work, congrats!

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      Thank you man! Appreciate it!

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    Congrats on your new site, looks awesome!

    I'm becoming obsessed with speed and usability

    Your website loads pretty fast (670ms for me). That being said, I am not a big fan of the fade-in animation, it just makes it feel slower than it is 🤔

    The usability part is not as good as it could be, some suggestions:

    • Social buttons too small (hard to click)
    • Spacing is a bit odd, hard to know what is important or not, not a clear visual hierarchy for the clickable elements.
    • Uncommon positioning of the navigation menu above the "footer".
    • Page is a bit too simple for my taste, I would prefer to have a bit more information shown on the page, or maybe on hover.
    • If I click on a page I am a bit lost, as now the menu is in top-right and shows different content for each page (current page is missing in the menu instead of being higlighted). The menu jumping around after each click is pretty annoying for UX.
    • I also find it somewhat confusing that the page loads instantly, but the content on it doesn't (page seems to fill with content after I loaded it, which makes it feel jumpy, unstable). This also makes the scrollbar size change several times while loading, which is distracting.

    Best UX is by definition not extraordinary, the less the user encounters novelty or new mechanics that he has to learn, the better a user experience he will have. Also, the perceived loading speed is most of the times more important than the actual loading speed.

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      Hi! Thank you so much for the comments! Very useful! I'll try to answer to every point:

      • For the social buttons, I resized them from 17x17px to 25x25px, let me know if you find them more clickable :)
      • For the spacing, I was thinking that too, so I made the font of the navbar bigger now
      • What do you mean for 'more information on hover'?
      • Yes, the menu is always on the top right corner. I understand what you mean, but if I add the current page, the nav will be on two rows on mobile, and I don't know if this is a right compromise
      • About the page loading, I'm resizing all the images and reducing the fade-in animation by 50%, I think it'll be faster now :)

      Thank you so much again!

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    Hey Jaack! Congrats with your new site! I think it looks awesome! I like the simplicity! 👌

    A few notes:
    — Remember to get a favicon. It makes it look more professional and makes it easier for people to identity your webpage among other browser-tabs.
    — Why are some text parts in english and other in Italien? I would make sure to have your about-page in english as well. You never know who comes along ;)

    I hope that you find my feedback useful! :)


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      Hi Daniel! just getting in contact to let you know that I finally tweaked all those aspects you suggested me to do, thank you very much for letting me notice them!

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        That awesome! You are very welcome, man! 🙌

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      Hi Daniel! Thank you for you detailed feedback! Yes, I'm planning to make my website available in english, as well - it's a matter of a couple of weeks.

      As of the favicon, I can see it in my web browser: what browser are you using? From which device?

      Let me know, thank you ;)

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    hovering over the RSS FEED button doesn't display any text, it's better if it displays "RSS feed" upon hovering over it

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      Yeah I know! But I have the same code for the other icons, I don't know what's wrong.. :(

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        OK now I fixed it, thank you for the feedback!

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    Really clean! My only thought is I thought that line with a circle was a slider and tried a few times to make something happen haha

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      Nice! Never thought of that! I just removed it so it seems like a normal line :) thank you for the precious feedback!

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