April 5, 2019

Feedback on tool to defeat writer's block

Paul @Paul_H

Looking for feedback on my friend's app to defeat writer's block.
Basically, you have to keep writing before the timer stops.
It has helped me power through some writing.

Any feedback is welcome.


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    I like the idea of, once the timer finishes out, the content is locked in. What I would prefer is if the user could initiate the timer lock-in.

    Part of the reason I get paralyzed writing is by going back over paragraphs I've already written and massaging those passages when, what I should be focusing on, is just banging the rest of the article out. This discrete, thought-by-thought or paragraph by paragraph method is a really interesting approach.

    The timer is an interesting convention, but I'd like the option to reset the timer and lock the content in as I finish discrete thoughts or paragraphs via an "enter" key etc.

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    The idea is that you panic and bit and then just brain dump ideas as fast as possible. The timer motivates you to keep typing and not get distracted when you reach a difficult point in your writing. It is a great way to power through a piece of writing from start to finish, giving you a draft to edit and polish.
    Try using it next time you have to write an email, or piece of content.

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    why do i have to keep writing before timer stops? i couldn't understand the main idea.