Landing Page Feedback November 19, 2020

😊Feedback, please

Yuri Alves @YuriGuernsey

I have made this within 24 hours.
The site is for me to post weekly/monthly updates of me building my side projects (Building in public)
I have even added a system for the admin(me), to create posts (let me know if I should do a tutorial on that).

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    The purpose of the page makes sense from the copy, so that's good! A few quick things to consider:

    • Once you have more Stories I would suggest slimming down the intro text. I expect the stories are the core of what you want viewers to see. Maybe getting it down to 2 statements in a single text block?
    • The light/dark mode button doesn't appear to be working. My eyes are sensitive and the white logo and button contrast were a bit jarring in dark mode. Not sure if this is just my old eyes so take that with a grain of salt.
    • Jon already mentioned the readability of the logo. I would also suggest it seems out of place with your other font choice. I wonder if you can find another font closer to the sans-serif you're using, but still have the playful look you're going for.
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      Thank you for the detailed feedback.
      I see. I’ll try to keep it brief when there are some actual (and more) stories.
      That is interesting, I am assuming that issue is occurring on a mobile device?
      That’s useful to know, as I want to cater for all. So I’m going to look into some Better colours.
      I was thinking of just changing the font to a more professional and clear font.

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        On the dark mode button, it's happening on Firefox desktop and mobile. I just checked on Chrome and I'm not seeing the same issue. Hope that helps.

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    Hi Yuri,

    Your logo font is going to be very difficult to read for anyone with even slight eyesight issues.

    The black background with white text is very dramatic, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    Overall it's a simple and concise site for a simple concept. I like it.

    I hope that's useful.


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      Thank you for the Feedback 😊.
      I didn't even think about that. Thank you for bringing that into light.
      It was very useful

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