Ideas and Validation November 26, 2020

Feedback please! - Social productivity app

Calix Huang @calixo888

Hey everyone, I'm Calix! I've been working on and I'd love to get all of your feedback!

I'm sure everyone can agree that working from home has been difficult and hasn't shown any signs of becoming easier.

Hours is a social productivity tool powered by virtual co-working. It helps students, professionals, and entrepreneurs boost motivation, focus, and productivity when finishing their tasks through social accountability.

It's a bit over a month of development, so I'd love to get some feedback on the app itself, as well as the concept!


Just to note: make sure you use this with a friend! It's what makes the experience all the better :)

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    Hey Calix! I just checked out the website and it looks fun. I'll try to schedule a working session with some buddies this week. After we do it, I'll share some feedback with you.

    1. 2

      Ditto! Nice website and concept. Very useful! I am going to use it and get back with feedback.

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