Feedback Request for No-Code/Low-Code platform built for Developers/Front-End Engineers

hello hackers.. hope you're all off to a great Saturday and working on something amazing!

I am a software engineer and was looking for a no-code tool to build one of my side projects (this time wanted to focus on building my product instead of using the latest and greatest technologies).

I initially started with WordPress but quickly realized it wasn't going to let me build a 'true' application. I then started looking into other no-code tools, such as WebFlow and Bubble but found them rather difficult to use (totally my experience, i know there're people who love them).

I already come from a development background and certain things are easier for me to express writing code but I still didn't want to deal with setting up the dev environment, connecting things together, deploying, etc. Long story short, since scratching your own itch leads into the best business ideas, I decided to build a no-code/low-code platform, specifically for people with development background.

I have been working on this for the past 18 months. I know 18 months is a long time to be working on an MVP but this has been a part-time project for me.

I finally feel confident enough to start showing it to potential users and gather feedback. Would you mind hopping on a Zoom call to check it out? I promise it's amazing 🤣 and there's nothing on the market that's as simple and powerful and as "DEVELOPER ORIENTED".

Looking forward to your help!

Thank you,

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    Hi Max, i'm a full stack dev that does mostly frontend work. I'd be down to try it out.

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      great, what's your email address? I'll reach out to setup a Zoom call.

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