Landing Page Feedback January 22, 2021

Feedback request: Text generation in a stock photo


Hey everyone -

I am working on:
The idea is to realistically blend your message into a stock photo. Targeted to media managers who don't have the time/skill for photoshop work.

I am close to a full MVP - would love to get some feedback outside my circle of friends. Two big questions:

  1. When going to the site is it fairly obvious what the product is and what to do?
  2. Do you feel this is differentiated enough from a site like Canva to have value?


  1. 1

    I think it's quite clear. You might actually have too many examples. It would be far more powerful if you could give the user one or two stock images and let them put their text in it, right there on the website. Is that possible? That might be the only convincer and explainer you need.

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      interesting idea, thanks!

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    It took me a few seconds to understand it. I would suggest adding a hero block at the top of the home page with an animation or video.

    I agree that extending it to other uses like memes or jokes would make sense.

    What's the business model? Keeping some images as premium?

    1. 1

      Thanks! Yes, the plan would be have a premium set of images

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    Oh, I like this. And it makes sense to me.

    It could be great for memes too. 🥳

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